The map in GTA 5 is quite massive, so it is necessary to travel in vehicles to get around easily. And what better way to travel than with a very stylish and powerful vehicle?

There is a wide variety of cars, planes, and ships that can be bought and stolen, but there are some that are more difficult to find. Get to know the rarest vehicles with this list, and discover where to find them to go with the most exotic car or plane in the game.

GTA 5 Rare Vehicles - Space Docker

If you want to get this space-looking vehicle, you will need to collect the 50 spaceship parts that are scattered throughout the map. You will see that each part is a box with blue lights, and to finally obtain this strange car, you must complete a mission.

GTA 5 Space Docker


This all-metal and, needless to say, quite rusty tractor is located in the Mount Gordo area, on the outskirts of a farm. We will also get one if we decide to give money to the people of the Epsilon Program, in the mission 'Unknowing the Truth'.

GTA 5 Tractor

GTA 5 Rare Vehicles - Nagazaki Blazer

You can buy this vehicle for $8,000 online from your phone, on the SSASuperAutos page, or simply try to find one that is by Sandy Shores. You may see it in other parts of Los Santos.

GTA 5 Nagazaki Blazer


It can also be found on the SSASuperAutos page, although it costs about $ 45,000. If it's a lot of money or you prefer to have everything always free, take a walk around Vespucci Beach and try your luck!

GTA 5 SandKing

GTA 5 Rare Vehicles - Small yellow submarine

If you progress through the game further enough, you will have a golden opportunity to purchase the Sonar Collections Dock for the grand sum of $250,000. You will get a small submarine with which you can carry out collectibles tasks and explore the marine world.

GTA 5 Submarine

P-996 Lazer

This is a powerful jet that cannot be purchased unless you play GTA Online. You can find and steal it from the Fort Zancudo military base. Try to have a place to store it, and do it quickly!

GTA 5 P-996 Lazer

GTA 5 Rare Vehicles - IBF SUV and Buffalo

These two police vehicles cannot be purchased by any means, so we can only obtain them by stealing. These in particular can be found in the Grand Senora Desert, specifically at the Satellite Dishes, at 10:00 AM. Only at that time can you get them, so watch out!

GTA 5 IBF SUV and Buffalo


This is a very, very expensive car, even by exotic GTA 5 standards. However, if you are up for anything in order to have the most eye-catching vehicle in the entire game, you can buy it at for $10,000,000. You can do it in the mobile store.

GTA 5 Z-Type

GTA 5 Rare Vehicles - Park Ranger SUV

This is another vehicle that cannot be purchased. You should head up behind the Vinewood sign, and you can find it parked somewhere in the area. You will spot it without problems because it has an unmistakable appearance.

GTA 5 SUV of the Forest Guard

Dinghy boat

Aside from the yellow submarine, you will also get this boat by purchasing the dock. Of course, you must accept a mission to use it for the first time.

GTA 5 Boat

GTA 5 Rare Vehicles - Unmarked Police Cruiser

To put your hands on the steering wheel of this vehicle, you must go at night. It will be parked at Strawberry, the train station near Olympic Freeway.

GTA 5 Police Cruiser unmarked


There are two ways to add this vehicle to your garage. You can buy the Adder for $1,000,000 at LegendaryMotorsport with the game's mobile phone, or go southwest from Ponsonbys, near Portola Drive, Rockford Hills.

GTA 5 Adder

Enus Super Diamond

This last rare vehicle can be found in Rockford Hills, at any time of the day. However, you will be able to get one for free after completing "Stag Do Running Man". Prove your status by driving this in front of the rich of the game!

GTA 5 Enus Super Diamond

And these are the rarest vehicles from GTA 5 and how you can find them. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at