Are you bored of riding cars and bikes all over the town? Are you bored of firing ordinary guns and launchers at other players? Well, then it's time to take to the sky. But there's a small problem: most planes and jets cost a fortune in this game. So how can you find a plane to use? The answer, try to steal fighter jet GTA 5 from the Military Base.

The biggest challenge when stealing anything from the Military Base is, well, surviving. As soon as you set foot onto Fort Zancudo, the guards will give you the warmest welcome with homing missiles and a hell of bullets. Here's the best way to steal fighter jet in GTA 5 and actually get out alive.

Gta V Artwork Gtaonline P996 lazer
Stealing the jet is one thing, getting out alive is another.

How to get a fighter jet in GTA 5 Story Mode

There are 4 simple steps to acquire the fighter jet from the Military Base in GTA 5. First, players need to locate the Fort Zancudo then get inside this military base to find the jet. After successfully stealing the fighter jet, players must find a perfect way to escape the Fort.

Step 1: Locate The Military Base

To steal the fighter jet in GTA 5, your first mission is to find the location of the military base in GTA 5 on the map. It's named Fort Zancudo, based on the real-life Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. There's only one Military Base in the game.

Open world map, direct your view towards the North Chumash beach in Blaine County. Then head south until you find "Lago Zancudo". The Base sits between Mount Josiah and the small town of Harmony.

If you failed to locate Fort Zancudo on the map, switch to satellite. There's a small island slightly poking out of the shoreline. That's the easy way to spot it.

Fort Zancudo Gta V Ingame Gps Map
Here's where you'll find Fort Zancudo.

Step 2: Get Inside The Military Base

Fort Zancudo is heavily guarded and surrounded by high fences. There's no way you can get into the front gate without dying. With that said, there are certain ways that you can make your way in.

If you're open to the airborne option, drop into Ford Zancudo from a plane or helicopter. As soon as you enter the base's airspace, you'll get a two-star Wanted Level and a radio warning. It will quickly turn to four stars and guided missiles will launch.

But since not everyone has an aircraft to start with, your safer bet would be using land-based access. The easiest way to get inside Fort Zancudo is with a fast car. You may consider the list of fast and furious cars in GTA 5 for this mission. There's a highway near the base that allows you to build up the speed for a ramp over the fence.

Fort Zancudo Gta V Guard Post
There's no way you're getting through this gate.

When you successfully jump over the fence into Ford Zancudo, you will immediately receive a four-star Wanted Level. It only takes moments before you're surrounded by guards, even tanks.

Step 3: Find And Steal Fighter Jet GTA 5

Once inside the Military Base, head straight towards the open hangar down the runway. You will find a nice P-996 LAZER Fighter Jet inside. Climb on it and break your way in. Be quick if you don't want to lose your life at the guns of the incoming guards.

Notice: There have been reports that players cannot see the fighter jet from outside the hangar. If the same thing happens to you, don't worry, step on the paddle to get to the hangar anyway. The jet will spawn as you get closer. Don't lose your precious time driving around.

Fort Zancudo Overview
Find the open hangar down the runway.

Step 4: Escape

This is where most players mess everything up. Some manage to get onto the jet but fail the escape in spectacular fashion. If you want to get out alive, start heading towards the runway as soon as you're inside the aircraft.

Once you take off, there will be at least one homing missile heading your way. If it lands on the jet, you die. So, dodge the missile with a hard left or right turn, moving all the way upwards may also work from time to time.

Fort Zancudo
Take the jet and head to the sky!

If you successfully get out of the base's airspace with the P-996 LAZER Fighter, then the mission accomplishes. You now have an aircraft armed to the teeth with missiles. It's time to wreak havoc onto anything that stands in your way.

How to successfully steal a fighter jet in GTA 5 Online

Much like in GTA 5, the Military Base is still off-limit in GTA Online. Its location remains the same, but the ground checkpoints are never open. Hijacking the P-996 LAZER Fighter from the Base in GTA Online is the same as in the offline version of the game. You break in, steal the jet, and try to escape before the army takes you down.

But there's a way you can buy your way in, well, not really. If you purchase a hangar inside Fort Zancudo, you can get through the front gate legally. However, as soon as you start firing a weapon or steal a vehicle, there will be a 2-star Wanted Level on your head.

Only the way of getting you inside the Military Base changes, the rest stays the same.

Tips: Make a quick save before you attempt to steal the fighter jet. If you mess it up, you can always reload the save and try again.

Can you keep a stolen plane in GTA 5 Online?

Unfortunately, you cannot store the P-996 LAZER Fighter inside your hangar after stealing it from the Military Base. In fact, you cannot do so with any of the aircraft in the game. You have to legally own a vehicle to store it inside a hangar or garage. Rockstar Games isn't that generous.

You cannot keep a stolen vehicle or aircraft in GTA 5 and GTA Online.

That wraps up our guide on how to steal fighter jet GTA 5 from the Military Base. Sounds simple enough, right? Why don't you give it a try and let us know what happens in the comments down below? See you next time with more GTA guides on

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