GTA San Andreas is one of the best open world sandbox games ever released. Similar to other games in the GTA franchise, it comes with an intensive cheat system. Furthermore, the cheat system in San Andreas is the biggest one amongst all GTA games - with over 100 GTA SA cheat codes that affect the state of the whole city map. In this article, we are going to showcase the top 5 funniest cheats in GTA San Andreas.

1 - Riot Mode

Using the cheat code STATEOFEMERGENCY, players can reactivate the "riot mode" that occur after officer Tenpenny's trial in GTA SA's story mode. All pedestrians would attack the player, each other, and commit various crimes. Police vehicles, ambulances and firetrucks will spawn more and wanted levels would take more time to disappear.

This code can be combined with BGLUAWML to give the pedestrian rocket launchers. This way, the state of the map would turn utterly chaotic with people spamming rockets all over the place.

Riot Mode
Riot Mode in GTA is an utterly chaotic melee, especially with RPGs equipped on NPCs.

2 - Funhouse Mode

Typing CRAZYTOWN while in the game or activating the Funhouse Mode in GTA San Andreas. The whole game would turn into a big circus, with NPC dressing up in clown costumes while driving clown cars around. Even CJ is not spared by the change - the cheat also turns CJ's hair pink, gives him a pair of glasses with a fake nose and mustache, and strips him down to his underwear.

3 - Super Wanted Mode

You can trigger a super wanted mode in which everyone is after you buy using three cheat codes. BRINGITON will trigger Six Star Wanted Level, the highest in the game, FOOOXFT will make all pedestrians come after you... and BAGOWPG will place a bounty on your head.

Unlike Riot mode in which people also fight each other, in this mode, everyone would target you only. It might be a good idea to activate GTA SA infinite health cheats and do a killing spree.

6 stars wanted in GTA
6 stars wanted in GTA can be pretty challenging.

4 - Ninja mode

Players can turn all NPCs in the game into Ninjas by using the NINJATOWN cheat. All NPCs will spawn wearing black ninja costumes and carry swords. Afterward, you can either activate Riot mode or Wanted mode for them to chase after you.

CJ with katana
The cheat also gives CJ a katana to fight against the NPC ninjas.

5 - Super Punch and Super Jump

Players can exaggerate the movement and punching power of CJ to ludicrous levels by typing in KANGAROO for Super Jump and GOHUHRNID for Super Punch. With the cheat activated, CJ can jump super high and punch people into faraway distances.

The characters that are punched by CJ's super punch go flying across the screen in GTA, which is hilarious to look at. This is even better when combined with Super Jump - your CJ would become a kungfu master.

Super punch
With this cheat, you can super punch people and objects all over the place.

This is the end of our guide for the best Cheats In GTA San Andreas. Interested in more of our articles related to the GTA Series? Please check out this post to find out more about Top 10 Best GTA San Andreas Graphics Mods For PC.