GTA San Andreas is one of the most popular games in the GTA franchise. Just like most other GTA games, one of the best things in GTA San Andreas are cheat codes. With various cheat codes, you can do many things such as spawning items, flying,...

In this article, we will show you GTA San Andreas Infinite Health Cheat, Infinite Ammo Cheat, and more.

GTA San Andreas Infinite Health Cheat

GTA San Andreas Infinite Health Cheat is quite a handful such as when you are stuck in a hard gunfight that you can't get out of. With this cheat, you will virtually become invulnerable and take down the enemy with ease. It can also be used for some cool in-game experience with explosions.

Infinite Health Cheat Gta San Andreas
You can take all the bullet with this cheat

There are 2 Health cheats in GTA San Andreas. One will give you infinite health while one will give you full health, full armor, and $250,000. Unless you are up to something that is absolutely crazy, it is best to just heal to full with full armor instead of going infinite health.

Below are the 2 health cheat in GTA San Andreas.

  • GTA San Andreas Infinite Health Cheat - BAGUVIX
  • Full Armor, Full Health & $250.000 Cheat - HESOYAM

GTA San Andreas Infinite Ammo, Weapon Cheat

In GTA San Andreas, you can use cheat codes to get 3 different weapon sets, Thug Tools, Professional Tools, and Nutter Tools. Each of these sets contains 9 - 10 weapons, including melee weapons, guns, explosives,...

Below is the list of all 3 weapon cheat codes in GTA San Andreas along with the list of weapons that are contained in each weapon set.

Weapons Set 1, Thug Tools - LXGIWYL - Brass Knuckles / Baseball Bat / 9mm Pistol / Pump Shotgun / Uzi / AK / Country Rifle / Rocket Launcher / Molotov / Spray Can.
Weapons Set 2, Professional Tools -  KJKSZPJ - Knife / Deagle / Sawn-off Shotgun / Tec-9 / M4 / Sniper Rifle / Flame Thrower / Grenades / Fire Extinguisher.
Weapons Set 3, Nutter Tools - UZUMYMW - Chainsaw / Silenced Pistol / SPAS-12 / MP5 / M4 / Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher / Satchel Charges.

Here is the cheat for Infinite Ammo, No Reload.

Infinite Ammo, No Reload - FULLCLIP

Other Cheats in GTA San Andreas

  • Aggressive Traffic - YLTEICZ
  • All Cars have Nitros - SPEEDFREAK
  • All Traffic is Junk Cars - EVERYONEISPOOR
  • Beach Party - LIFESABEACH
  • Black Traffic - IOWDLAC
  • Blow Up All Cars - CPKTNWT
  • Bounty on Your Head - BAGOWPG
Gta San Andreas Cheat
Gta San Andreas Cheat
  • Cloudy Weather - ALNSFMZO
  • Faster Clock - YSOHNUL
  • Faster Gameplay - SPEEDITUP
  • Fatty - BTCDBCB
  • Flying Boats - FLYINGFISH
  • Foggy Weather - CFVFGMJ
  • Funhouse Theme - CRAZYTOWN
  • Gangs Control the Streets - ONLYHOMIESALLOWED
  • Get Parachute - AIYPWZQP
  • Hitman in All Weapons - PROFESSIONALKILLER
  • Hydra - JUMPJET
  • Infinite Lung Capacity - CVWKXAM
  • Jump High - KANGAROO
  • Massive Bunny Hops - CJPHONEHOME
  • Maximum Muscle - BUFFMEUP
  • Maximum Respect - WORSHIPME
  • Maximum Sex Appeal - HELLOLADIES
  • Maximum Vehicle Stats - NATURALTALENT
  • Orange Sky and Time Stopped at 21:00 - OFVIAC
  • Pedestrian Riot - IOJUFZN
  • Peds Attack with Weapons - BGLUAWML
  • Perfect Handling - STICKLIKEGLUE
  • Pink Traffic - LLQPFBN
  • Rainy Weather - AUIFRVQS
  • Recruit Pedestrians to Gang - SJMAHPE
  • Reduced Traffic - GHOSTTOWN
  • Sandstorm - CWJXUOC
  • Skinny - KVGYZQK
  • Slower Game Play - ANOSEONGLASS
Gta San Andreas Car Cheat
GTA San Andreas Car Cheat
  • Spawn Bloodring Banger - OLDSPEEDDEMON
  • Spawn Caddy - RZHSUEW
  • Spawn Dozer - ITSALLBULL
  • Spawn Monster Truck - MONSTERMASH
  • Spawn Rancher- -JQNTDMH
  • Spawn Rhino Tank - AIWPRTON
  • Spawn Stretch - CELEBRITYSTATUS
  • Spawn Stunt Plane - FLYINGTOSTUNT
  • Spawn Tanker - AMOMHRER
    Spawn Trashmaster - TRUEGRIME
  • Spawn Hotring Racer 1 - VROCKPOKEY
  • Spawn Hotring Racer 2 - VPJTQWV
  • Spawn Hunter - OHDUDE
  • Spawn Jetpack - ROCKETMAN
  • Sunny Weather - PLEASANTLYWARM
  • Taxis Have Nitros and Bunny Hop  VKYPQCF
  • Traffic is Country Vehicles - FVTMNBZ
  • Traffic is Fast Cars - EVERYONEISRICH
  • Vehicles Blow Up Easily - JCNRUAD
  • Vortex Hovercraft - KGGGDKP
  • Wanted Level Down - TURNDOWNTHEHEAT
  • Wanted Level Up - TURNUPTHEHEAT
  • Weapon Aiming While Driving - OUIQDMW

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How to Activate and Deactivate GTA San Andreas cheats

To active cheat in GTA San Andreas, you don't open anything or open the Pause menu. You just need to press the cheat code with your keyboard while you are playing. When you have pressed the cheat code correctly, the cheat will be activated and there will be a message on the top left of the screen.

Gta San Andreas All Weapons Cheat
You will see a message in the top left corner when a cheat is activated

For most cheat codes, you can deactivate the cheat by pressing the cheat code again. For example, to activate Infinite Ammo, No Reload cheat, press FULLCLIP. To deactivate it, press FULLCLIP again.

However, there are cheat that you cannot deactivate. That's why it is recommended that you save your game before entering any cheat code. This is also to prevent if a bug happens and might break the game.

If you are on Android, you can check out our article GTA San Andreas CLEO Mod APK No Root Download And Installation Guide to mod the game and enable cheat.