While GTA San Andreas was top of the line back in 2004, 17 years have passed. While the game is still playable, its graphics aged greatly comparing to today's standards.  To deal with this problem, you can try using graphics mods. In this article, we are going to showcase the best GTA San Andreas Graphics Mods For PC.

10 - HD Weapons

Weapons are what you use the most in San Andreas, from fighting gangs to robbing banks. However, they are also one of the worst-looking parts of the game, with most of GTA SA's weapons being pretty low-poly. The HD Weapon mod improves this and makes your weapon arsenal look better than ever.

This pack includes brand new models for all weapons in the game, giving all your gang shootouts and hit a sight to behold. NPC also has access to these updates.

HD Weapons
HD Weapons Mod

9 - Insanity Vegetation

One of the more common objects in GTA San Andreas' world is vegetation. However, Rockstar definitely spends more time working on buildings, vehicles and character models than some trees. That's probably why they look awful. The Insanity Vegetation mod will improve the look of all plants in the game - the improvements are super noticeable.

8 - Memory Update for San Andreas

GTA San Andreas is an old game, designed for older graphics. Therefore, a lot of settings in the game are unoptimized, which results in awful graphics. Memory update for San Andreas allows the game to use more memory, which in turn enables the drawing distance to be increased.

Memory Update for San Andreas
Memory Update is one of the most useful GTA San Andreas Graphics Mods.

While this might sounds insignificant, draw distance actually improves how the game looks a great deal. More objects are loaded and you would be able to see much further than usual. Cars and pedestrians no longer spawn right before your eyes anymore.

7 - Cloud Skybox for GTA San Andreas

Skybox is another aspect of the game that you look at all the time... and San Andreas' skybox is already way too plain by 2004's standards. The lack of clouds makes it look very unrealistic and sometimes ruins your screenshots.

The Cloud Skybox mod replaces the game's standard cloudless sky with quite a few good-looking realistic clouds. This looks great at all angles, especially when you are flying around in an aircraft.

6 - Original Vehicles HQ Retextured

Vehicles are the biggest part of a GTA game, and changing them should be your first priority when downloading GTA San Andreas mods for PC. While there are mods for adding new vehicles, nothing beats having the original set of vehicles improved. Most fans of GTA SA prefer the original set of cars.

The Original Vehicles HQ Retextured mod improves the texture of all vehicles in San Andreas, from cars to boats and planes.

Original Vehicles HQ Retextured
Original Vehicles HQ Retextured Mod

5 - GTA5 Textures for San Andreas

GTA5 Textures for San Andreas mod has a novel idea of bringing GTA V's version of San Andreas back to GTA SA. It ports some of the better-looking texture for roads and streets to San Andreas, along with textures for certain buildings. All these assets are lifted straight from GTA 5.

4 - V Graphics

Another mod that aims to bring GTA V's graphics to GTA SA. V graphics is one of the most complex graphical overhauls ever released for the game, introduces a lot of visual improvements. From item textures to character models, it has a lot of things.

The problem with this GTA San Andreas mod is probably the spec of your PC. If you have an older machine, installing this might not be a good idea.

V Graphics
V Graphics is one of the best GTA San Andreas Graphics Mods if you want it to look like GTA 5.

3 - Magic Ultra Graphics

Yet another Overhaul with inspirations from GTA 5. Magic Ultra Graphics improves all visual elements by including textures from the modern version of San Andreas. However, it does not stop at replacing textures - it also adds better lighting and reflections, along with a brand new interface similar to that of GTA V's.

Magic Ultra Graphics
Magic Ultra Graphics Overhaul a lot of things and give them realistic details.

2 - Ultimate Graphics Mod

The Ultimate graphics mod is a complete overhaul pack. It has an impressive number of visual changes, ranging from character models to high-quality textures for vehicles, and a more realistic skybox.

Ultimate Graphics Mod's strength is an anti-aliasing option that removes those horrible jagged edges permanently from the game.

1 - Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – Definitive Edition

GTA SA Definitive Edition is a mod pack that's made from multiple smaller mods. It fixes everything wrong with the dated PC ports and introduces various massive improvements for modern systems. From different graphics presets, anti-aliasing options to 60 frames per second support, GTA SA Definitive Edition has just about everything.

Furthermore, it also fixes bugs in the game, crashes on Windows 10, developer errors during porting, adds support for widescreen screens, gamepad support, adds some elements straight from the mobile and PS2 version of the game. This is probably the best GTA San Andreas High Graphics Mod ever created.

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