GTA Vice City is amongst the most iconic games of all time. The game is known for its incredibly engaging storyline and excellent quests. However, Vice City is not perfect - there are definitely a few badly designed quests that caused a lot of frustration to players.

In this article, we are going to list out the top 5 worst missions in GTA Vice City.

5 - Dildo Dodo

The Dodo is the wackiest plane one can get in GTA Vice City... and in this mission, you have to fly it through an obstacle course. Vehicle handling for planes in GTA Vice City is terrible, and it gets even worse on the worst plane in the game.

In Dildo Dodo, your task is to navigate your way around a twisting and turning aerial course. It is best to spawn a Dodo using a GTA Vice City cheat code and practice flying first before trying this mission.

Flying the Dodo is amongst the worst missions in GTA Vice City

4 - Hit the Courier

This is one of the few hard combat missions in GTA Vice City. Hit the Courier have you drive over to the dock and intercept a helicopter that's carrying counterfeit goods. Afterward, you need to clear the dock. This is the tricky part, with a lot of enemies lurking around tight corners or hiding high up in cranes.

After beating them, you need to fly the goods back on a helicopter, which is also pretty annoying.

Hit the Courier
Hit the Courier has a lot of ambushes.

3 - Bombs Away

Missions involving RC planes are the worst, due to the clunky plane control. In Bomb Away, you will need to control a mini RC plane from the back of a van and drop bombs on various targets while avoiding gunfire.

Chasing moving targets around and bomb them while constantly taking damage is not the definition of a fun time at all.

RC Plane
RC Plane in Bombs Away

2 - Death Row

Timed missions are always annoying, no matter the game. Vice City's Death Row is of course not an exception to this rule. It's not just among the worst but also the hardest missions in GTA series. In this mission, you have to put your driving skill to the absolute test. Firstly, your task is to race to the junkyard as fast as possible to save Lance, fending off a lot of attackers in the process.

Lance is almost dead
Lance is almost dead when you get to him.

Afterward, you need to take Lance and drive him to a hospital... while under attacks from enemy vehicles. Juggling all the fighting and driving so that Lance survives the trip is very challenging, especially if this is your first time playing this mission. Prepare to try it again over and over.

1 - Demolition Man

Demolition Man is the most frustrating mission in the entire GTA series. It is ridiculously challenging and completing it on the first try is literally unheard of. It combines the difficult task of flying a helicopter with clunky control, stealth, sequential tasks... and places a time limit on top of all that.

worst mission in GTA Vice City
This is amongst the worst missions in GTA Vice City, or even the GTA series itself.

In Demolition Man, you need to place 4 bombs at different locations in a construction site while flying a toy helicopter while avoiding enemies armed with automatic rifles... in 7 minutes. You probably need to do the usual "failing over and over" trial and error on this mission. It is even considered amongst the hardest missions in gaming history.

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