Vice City is the fourth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series, and maybe the most iconic. The game is so popular there are still gamers in India playing it to this day – despite the fact that it is a 2002 title. In this article, we would list out every single Grand Theft Auto Vice City Level Cheats and various secret cars so that you could be able to have fun with the game without having to slog through the boring part.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Vice City is still amongst the best GTA titles ever released

The settings of Vice City is an American City in the 1980s, filled with lowlifes and organized crime groups. Based on popular beliefs, the game depicts a fictional version of Miami. This version of the world has been used in various games. Please check out this article if you want to know more about games that are similar to the GTA series.

Why use Grand Theft Auto Vice City level cheats?

The reason that this game should be beaten using cheat codes is simple: it is dated. There have been various new, better GTA games since then, with the best being GTA 5. If you are playing Vice City in 2020, it is likely that you just want to have a little fun and not going through every single quest and objective. It can also work if you are struggling with certain missions as well.

GTA Vice City Demolition Man Mission Cheat code
GTA Vice City Demolition Man Mission Cheat code

Using cheats is also something people often do on second playthroughs in order to get various unlockable items and Easter eggs that they have missed during the original run.

These cheat codes only work on the PC version of the game – another version such as console and mobile might have different requirements. These cheats would give you everything you would ever need, from vehicles to health and weapons. Besides those, there are also some general gameplay cheats as well.

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List of Grand Theft Auto Vice City level Cheats:

To enable the effect, you only need to enter the code at any time while playing. Re-enter the code again would disable an already active cheat. However, you have to be careful, as some of the codes cannot be deactivated once enabled. We can easily see from this list that GTA Vice City wanted level cheat and Grand Theft Auto Vice City Missions cheats are also there.

1 - Health and Weapon Cheats:

These codes would increase power, health, and protection to your character.

GTA vice city wanted level cheat
There are some of the most useful codes, including the GTA vice city wanted level cheat

2 - Vehicle spawning codes

Spawn various rare vehicles so that you could wreak havoc with them.

GTA vice city wanted level cheat
Spawning your own car using these cheats

3 - Other vehicle-related cheat codes

GTA vice city cheat code
Modify your vehicle

4 - General Grand Theft Auto Vice City level cheats

GTA vice city cheats
Various other miscellaneous codes

List of Grand Theft Auto Vice City Secret Cars


This car is pretty much invincible, as it is dent-proof, bulletproof, fireproof, explosion-proof… even its tires are puncture-proof. To get this vehicle, you have to steal it from the owner, Diaz, while doing the Guardian Angels quest. In order to get the car out, you must shoot all Haitians except one. The one escapee would make Diaz leave the car door open for you to climb in. The locked door variants can also be obtained the same way – except that you have to kill everyone, along with Diaz while the guy is in the car.

Romero’s Hearse

Vice city Romero’s Hearse
You can spawn this car using grand theft auto vice city missions cheats

To get this car, you would have to wreck the car by shooting it so that the driver would be scared and run away. Take the car to the garage afterward. This vehicle appears in Two Bit Hit, Avery’s mission.

Love Fist Limo

This Limo is the reward of a mission called Love Fist. You would be able to save the car when the quest is completed.

Spand Express

This truck is part of a quest called Jury Fury. You can acquire it while doing the quest by smashing it into another car.

Sabre Turbo

Vice city Sabre Turbo
This is amongst the best vehicles in the game

Another invulnerable car, the Sabre Turbo is available during a mission called Malibu The Driver. There are quite a few ways to get the vehicle, however, the easiest one is just to finish the race next to it. Shortly afterward, Hilary, the driver of the car would disappear and you would be able to push the thing back to your garage for unlocking.

Infernus, Cheetah, and Banshee

The prime version of the Banshee car, with puncture-proof doors, fireproof and locked doors can be acquired during the Terminal Velocity mission or the normal street races. To get this car, you are required to finish the race next to it then shoot at the car’s driver, scare him away. The same method can be done to get both the Infernus and the Cheetah hopes that these Grand Theft Auto Vice City level cheats would make your gaming experience better. Interested in more of our articles related to the Grand Theft Auto series? Please check out this post for a guide on how to get money in GTA 5.