The famous long-living franchise - Grand Theft Auto has gained a lot of success for all of its installment. One of the best games - also the latest game - GTA V - is still now growing in the player base.

With that said, it's very reasonable that a lot of developer wants to replicate Rockstar's success with their games. So, If you're bored playing GTA V and want to find best alternative to GTA 5 to try, let's check our following list and choose a suitable one for you.

Without further ado, let's get right into the first title.

1. Best alternative to GTA 5: Watch Dogs 2

Release date: 2016

Supported platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

The first title in this list is the second installment, and also the best game so far in the Watch Dogs series from Ubisoft. Watch Dogs 2 follows the same world design of GTA V, which takes place in San Francisco. The map of this installment is much larger than its predecessor, which was set in Chicago.

In Watch Dogs 2, you'll explore the modern world with many advanced technologies, as well as the secret lives of the people living there. You'll step in the shoes of Marcus Holloway, a hacker belongs to the notorious hacking group of DedSec.

Watch Dogs 2
Marcus Holloway is the protagonist of Watch Dogs 2

Controlling the protagonist from the third-person perspective, Marcus will use his talents of controling electronic devices to track the cellphones, turn the traffic lights on his will and complete the group's final mission: eliminate the city's supervising system - ctOS.

Like GTA V, you'll have to complete a range of missions, which will make the group more and more famous. And even when the concept of this game is completely different, its gameplay is quite similar: shooting while driving, one-on-one combats, and stealth actions as well.

2. Best alternative to GTA 5: Saints Row: The Third

Released date: 2011

Supported platforms: PC, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch

Even though Saints Row: The Third is not the latest game in the series, it's definitely the most successful one. To be more specific, the newest game in the series - Saint Row IV has a lot of improvements, including a bigger map and enhanced visuals.

However, there is one major thing that has brought the game down. It's the god-like powers that have ruined the traditions of the series, making this title not so favored. That's why when we mentioned Saints Row, the most titular installment that people come up with is The Third.

5 Best Alternative Games For Gta V 1
Saints Row: The Third is the best game in the franchise

This open-world adventure will put you on the role of the same protagonist from the previous games. Your main mission is to head the Third Street Saints and eliminate other gangs in the turf wars in Mexico. You can travel everywhere you want, and there are many ways to complete missions, as the game provides a lot of crazy weapons.

For example, you can test your shooting mechanics with your assault rifles, but you can also blow the whole crew up with heat-seeking missiles. The gunfires in this game are much more explosive than GTA V, which visuals have been polished very carefully.

Best Alternative to gta 5
Featuring gorgeous visuals

If you're interested in the landscape of Mexican's thugs and love huge explosions, Saints Row: The Third is the best game for you.

3. Best alternative to GTA 5: Sleeping Dogs

Release date: 2012

Supported platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One

Escaping from the West landscape, Sleeping Dogs takes the settings of Hong Kong - a colorful city with a lot of neon light, whose people are always busy with life, and also the mightiest and scariest gangs in the world - the Triads - are ruling.

The special thing about Sleeping Dogs that separate itself from other games in this list is the martial arts actions. You'll take control of Wei Shen, an American-Hong Kong cop who is staying undercover. His mission is to get inside the structure of the Triads and break it from the inside. Not only can Wei Shen eliminate his enemies by shooting, but he can also make use of his martial-arts prowess to beat them up.

5 Best Alternative to gta 5
Sleeping Dogs is outstanding with its fighting mechanics

However, you can also enjoy this open-world, committing both legal and criminal actions without caring about the missions. However, committing crimes will result in the police hunting him down, and the levels of intensity are shown through the "heat system". It's quite similar to the star system in GTA, but it's a gauge instead.

With the brand new settings and kung-fu fighting, Sleeping Dogs has blown the fresh breath the genre. It might baffle you, but Sleeping Dogs actually has no connection with Watch Dogs at all.

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4. Best alternative to GTA 5: Mafia 3

Release date: 2016

Supported platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Getting out of the gangster concept, the fourth game in this list is about Mafia. Mafia 3 is the third installment in the series and is also the one players mention when it comes to games with dark themes. However, some technical issues have hindered the game, bringing a lot of mixed reviews.

Nevertheless, its gritty and action-based experience in Mafia 3 is still worth mentioning. Like the concept, Grand Theft Auto, players will take control of the main protagonist - Lincoln Clay to build his empire from scratch. To pay back what the Italian mobs have done to him, the Vietnam War veteran now desires to build his own crime organization.

5 Best Alternative to gta 5
Mafia 3 heavily focus on shooting

Mafia 3 has a lot of enhancements compared to the previous titles. To be more specific, the map of New Bordeaux in Mafia 3 is even larger than both maps in Mafia 1 and 2 combined. Hence, players can have better experiences wandering around the city and having fun while shooting the Italian mobs down.

5. Best alternative to GTA 5: Red Dead Redemption 2

Release date: 2018

Supported platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Saving the best for the last, we have the latest installment in Rockstar's successful series - Red Dead Redemption 2. There's nothing much left to say about the game's success, as the amount of media coverage and the numbers of copies of the game shipped worldwide has spoken for itself. Even better, as the game is very likely to come for PC in the near future!

Red Dead Redemption 2 takes place in the 1899's fictional landscape of Western, Midwestern and the South American area. In this sequel, you'll take control of Arthur Morgan, a gangster belong to the Van der Linde gang. You'll have to help yourself and your team survive against the pressure from the government, the opposing gangs, and other sides as well. You can also learn about the story of John Marston - the protagonist of the previous game in this game.

Best Alternative to gta 5
Riding your horse and enjoy the beautiful Western landscape

You will experience the Western themes in this game through both first- and third-person perspectives while free roaming in this world. Its gameplay features a lot of gunfires, heist, horse-riding, and an intriguing story. All of them combined has delivered Red Dead Redemption 2 a lot of awards since it released.


Above are our complications of best alternatives to GTA 5 on your devices for a while. If you have any other great games that we've missed out, don't forget to let us know.