A recent GTA 6 leak revealed that the upcoming part of the Grand Theft Auto franchise will have two protagonists and three cities. It’s unveiled by a Rockstar’s supposed QA tester. In fact, Rock Star hasn’t confirmed any leaks. But GTA fans can take into consideration when waiting for the new game.

Some Details Of Gta 6 Was Leaked Recently
Some Details Of GTA 6 Was Leaked Recently

Fans of GTA series are discussing whether this leak was from the same source with the December leak. If it was leaked by the same Rockstar staff, it’s likely to be believable. Moreover, the recent leak revealed more details about the upcoming GTA 6 video game. According to a post on Reddit on January 10th, fans were informed about the setting, supposed characters, and also release date.

Two Protagonists Are Siblings

In that post, the thought-to-be-QA-tester man said two main characters of GTA 6 might be siblings, brother, and sister. Moreover, the post also revealed some voice actors. John Leguizamo will perform the voice for the main character named Matías González. Whereas, Valeria Madrina, the main villain’s voice will be played by Roselyn Sanchez.

Gta 6 Voice Actors Are Leaked
GTA 6 Voice Actors Were Leaked

Three Cities Are Leaked

According to the post, GTA 6 will bring players back to the 80s and 90s of the previous century. It’s a perfect time to return to Vice City. Besides, there will be two other cities inspired by Bogota and Fort Lauderdale. Furthermore, the leak also claimed that this upcoming part of the GTA franchise will have about nine small towns located between Fort Lauderdale and Vice City.

Gta 6 May Have Three Cities
GTA 6 May Have Two Main Characters And Three Cities

In addition, some details about the release date for GTA 6 were also unveiled. According to that, the game may not come this year. GTA fans and players may have to wait till late 2021 or maybe early 2021 while Rockstar may launch the trailer in April this year. There are some other details, but Rockstar hasn’t made any announcement or confirmed any leak.