Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the best video games ever released. It has multi-layered, immersive storytelling that could take years for a person to complete. The game debuted in 2013, about six years ago, but is still going strong. It is consistently included among the most bought and played games on steam and other platforms. With the introduction of Grand Theft Auto Online, fresh new content packs are still getting pumped into the game.

One of the most successful games of all time

One of the biggest reasons behind GTA 5’s persistence in the game industry is the vast number of side objectives that the player could undertake. Outside of the main story, there is just so much to do in the open game world of Los Santos. Players are still discovering new things today, even. This list would include some of the least accessible side quests that a lot of players would be glad to find out about.

10 - Nuclear waste barrels scattered underwater

A lot of people would not care much about exploring underwater because of various reasons such as navigation or map size – the submerged part is so vast that getting from point a to point b would cost you a lot of time. However, if you have acquired a submarine, there is a side mission that you can participate in.

Gta V Hd Screencaps Ps3 1042
Hunting for the Nuclear Waste Barrels under the sea

One way to acquire a submarine is by purchasing the Sonar Dock after completing the Merryweather mission. With the submarine, you can begin to scout the map for the 30 nuclear barrels on the underwater shores of the city. Track each barrel you found with the Tracktify app – you would earn $23,000 for each. A $250,000 would be awarded after all thirty barrels have been found.

9 - Reenactment of the Hangover movie

It’s rather hard to believe that a movie like The Hangover would be referenced in Grand Theft Auto V. There’s a point where you would find a man across the road, tied up to a lamp post.

The Hangover
Trying to bring a guy back to his wedding

After some sniffing around, you would find out more about the scene: the aftermath of a party that went wrong. With the help of your trusty four-wheelers, you can help the guy get to his wedding in time. The event that happens after that is literally a skit right out of the movie – however, if you wish, you could always end his trouble by shooting him in the head beforehand.

8 - Robbing Armored Trucks

Rockstar has made sure to include a lot of hidden things to be done around Los Santos. If you are a man of action and hunting for items is not your thing, you can try to attack armored trucks. You don’t have to be on a real mission for this to work – any armored truck would do.

Capturing an Armored Truck is the best way to get some spare cash

The first thing you need would be explosives to blow the backdoor off its hinges – and after that, you have to confront the guards. The money inside the truck would be yours when the guards are taken down. Just consider this a more action-oriented way to earn some extra cash.

7 - Cannibal cult

The world of GTA 5 can be pretty creepy at times, especially when you have to explore the more remote sections on the map, with places that are outside of the usual routine. Once you have completed the “Nervous Ron” mission by Trevor, a side mission is unlocked, this time – far from home.

Gta V Hd Screencaps Xbox 360 341
Shooting your way out of the cannibal cult

In this mission, you would get to help a Blaine County cult out in looking for “new recruits”, in exchange for cash. After taking your first NPC to those guys, you would find out about their cannibal nature. The cult will turn against you after the fourth offering and you would have to shoot yourself out of the building. During the thrilling escape, you get to pick up bags containing money.

6 - Creating a space vehicle

There are a lot of vehicles inside the game, but the Space Docker might be the most unique. A lot of players missed this quest because of its complicated nature, however. It can take quite a while to prepare everything to create this vehicle.

Spacedocker Gtav Frontquarter
The Space Docker, made from parts of a UFO

The quest begins during the Stranger mission, assigned by Omega when you play as Franklin. After a short introduction, Omega would reveal that he was abducted by the aliens and direct you to places to gather the fifty spaceship parts. After all the parts are assembled, he would use them to make the Space Docker. You can keep it after the quest is completed.

5 - Fight the alien horde

Another space theme secret mission, the fight against aliens is probably one of the weirdest things that you would have to face in GTA V. You can get this mission when playing as Michael and talk to Barry the activist, who squatted around the Park Square in the uptown area of the map. In this mission, instead of battling some cops for fellow criminals, you get to kill aliens.

The hideous aliens in GTA 5

In the beginning, Barry will convince you to take a whiff of his joint – which would induce a wild hallucination trip. In the vision, you would be rushed by a bunch of nightmarish aliens that come from nowhere, with only a minigun with unlimited ammo as your only protection. Mowing down those aliens is very relaxing.

4 - Join a cult

You can find pretty much everything in GTA V – cults included. To access this side quest, you have to play as Michael and browse the internet. The first step is to head to the main page of the Epsilon Program and take a quick survey. After that, a quest icon will appear on your map.

Maxresdefault 1
Explore the Epsilon Program in GTA V

Going to the location of that marker will trigger the first mission in the Epsilon Program questline. They are actually different than what you would expect from a cult, as the missions involve stolen cars and running through the desert. You would have to prepare a cult donation of $75,000, however.

That investment will not be in vain – the last mission will have you deliver a car along with two million dollars to a cult leader. You can just escape with both the car and the money – and none would be the wiser.

3 - Investigating a murder

You can be many things in GTA V, from a cop to a taxi driver or business owner, and a lot of other positions. However, you probably don’t know that you could try to solve a murder mystery. After the “Repossession” mission, each character can start collecting word scraps all over the world map. The mechanic works similar to the previously mentioned starship mission.

Maxresdefault 2
Confronting Dreyfuss at his estate for the murder

After all the fifty letters were combined, the player would find out about the mystery behind Leonora Johnson’s murder. After Franklin read the letter, you would be pointed to the location of the murderer, Peter Dreyfuss. There are no real rewards for finding out about the killer, but the confrontation between the player and Peter would still be worth it.

2 - Thelma and Louise ending

This is an unmarked mission – however, the sequence is some of the coolest things that you could witness in GTA V. Located north of the city, around Raton Canyon, you can find something special between 7 PM and 8 PM. Every day around that time, there would be a convertible carrying two women getting chased by the cops. They would fly off the cliff after that, exactly like the end scene of Thelma and Louise.

Thelma And Louise
The canyon in which they dive down

This easter egg can be interrupted as you can save the women if you are really quick - by blocking their path with a car. The ladies are not at all grateful for it, however.

1 - The hidden Sasquatch

The rarest mission in the game – you would have to complete 100% of the game to unlock it. Playing as Franklin, this mission will appear in your quest log as “The Last One”. Following the quest marker, you would get to some location around the Raton Canyon area to locate the sasquatch killer and help him find the monster.

Capturing the Sasquatch after a great chase

The hunt begins. The sasquatch hunt was a joke originated from GTA San Andreas, in which sasquatch was a rumored monster that could appear on the map somewhere. However, the version in Grand Theft Auto 5 is way easier to find. You would get a surprise ending after catching it – we won’t spoil here.

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