Despite being a videogame from 2013, Grand Theft Auto is still massively popular. There are still a lot of people play and replay throughout the story – and have fun on GTA Online with friends. Considering there is still a lot to do in the huge open world of GTA Online, it is hard to believe that the fans would ever ditch the game anytime soon. However, that would definitely change when GTA VI comes out.

Gta6v2 1
GTA series is one of the most iconic video game franchise

GTA V has set the bar pretty high so it is safe to say that its sequel would have to be very well crafted to surpass. Below is the list for all the elements that Rockstar Games should capitalize on.

An Improved Weather System

The rain makes GTA very immersive

Weather system is a great part of Grand Theft Auto V. It increases immersion, which in turn makes driving around Los Santos with your car feels very real. When it pours, the road gets muddier and your car gets harder to drive. While this can be hard to deal with sometimes, the weather feature adds another layer of well-crafted environmental atmosphere to bring Los Santos to life.

For Grand Theft Auto VI, it is expected that the weather system would be brought even further. They should add more weather events like wind, snow or even extreme hurricanes. Those would be a great addition to the game world.

More Stores to Visit

Some more stores to visit would be pretty nice

There are various stores with a lot of customization options in GTA Online in which players can visit to change their style – from weapons to cars and equipment. It would definitely be cool if all those stores are included as part of the base game in GTA VI

Custom Radio Playlists

Radio Wheel In Gta Online Pc
An improved radio system would be a godsend

One of the best thing available that makes driving in GTA V so enjoyable is the radio music. There are just so many of them around and every player probably has their own favorites that are turned on at all times. However, there are other ways that you could make the radio function even better: Custom Playlist.

Giving players the ability to custom their own music or stream music from outside into the game would create another layer of realism, making a car drive in GTA just as interactive as a real-life event.

More Robbery Options

Gta V Gtav Gta5 Gta 5 Grand
More robbery options such as casino, bank or even museum

There are a lot of things a player could do while playing GTA Online, like doing guest, play sports, or even robbing a store. What we want to improve here is the variety of locations that the players can interact with – hitting the same convenience store over and over pretty much just drain all the fun outta it. What they need to do in GTA VI is to add various other options like a house, some specialized buildings or even a bank. While this part of GTA is already really fun and interactive, having more options would not hurt.

A Larger Map

Maxresdefault 1
GTA V's Map is big, but it is just not enough

A big open world map is something a lot of people enjoys in GTA. V was released in 2013, and since then, there have been a lot of new games, each with progressively bigger maps. This trend should definitely be continued by GTA VI since the biggest the map, the larger the number of contents.

It is in our expectation that when GTA VI released, it would have a map bigger than what V have right now. Designing a detailed and huge world is definitely not easy – but a huge map would open up space for much more activities.

Mods on Console

3658 Gta 5 Mods
Getting the same benefit of a PC on Console

There are two versions of GTA V – you can either play the game on PC or Console, with PC more than often considered the superior. Why is that? It is probably because of mods. In PC, there are a lot of modders with creative ability, who can create and add more to GTA. From simple things like textures or items to complex matters like another questline, the possibility is limitless. The console version, however, is locked into the vanilla patch and cannot be changed.

Mod support for GTA VI console is a feature that would definitely be welcome.

A Female Protagonist

Amanda De Santa And Grand Theft Auto Vs Feminine M
Amanda De Santa in GTA V

There are more to GTA V than just the online part. Carefully crafted by the developers during the five years development period, the story mode of GTA is not something that could be skipped. The linear singleplayer experience was really appreciated by players who dislike sandbox-style games.

You can control up to three different characters in GTA V, all males – and it would definitely be a breath of fresh air if the new character in VI is a woman. Some rumors about the game suggest that this might as well be the case.

Free Build Mode

All the awesome stunt that you could recreate

One of the more popular features in GTA Online, the ramps have definitely made it to the wishlist of many a player for the most wanted feature in GTA VI. With the ability to build ramps, the players would be able to show off their driving skill by performing dangerous stunts on their own creation.

The features of an on-demand building mode should not just stop there. You should be able to create structures, vehicles, items and more, just like in Fortnite, one of the most popular game in the world.

An Improved Wanted System

2842595 Rsg Gtav Pc Screenshot 063
Getting chased everywhere by the cops

The “notoriety” star system has always been a recurring feature of Grand Theft Auto Series. The feeling of getting the police on your tail isn’t that great, however, that is the feature most people wanted to stay the same.

Despite the fans’ opinions, there are still elements that could be improved in the police system. With a huge map, there should be places that the police cannot reach immediately – getting surrounded by the police after 30 seconds in the middle of nowhere is just immersion breaking and illogical. We hope they improved it in the next installment of the series.

More Activities To Partake In

Gta4 Example08
More quests and random activities would be nice

There are a lot of fun things to do in GTA Online outside of shooting people. Jobs aside, players can just explore the city to create carnage and mayhem all over. However, if chaos and bloodshed are not your thing, you can also enjoy the game leisurely by going to the movie, riding the roller coaster, or even golfing.

Because of that, a lot of fans are hoping that Rockstar would keep the fun going and maybe add even more activities. This is definitely something that this development team has done before and they will have no trouble doing it again.