Grand Theft Auto V is undoubtedly one of the most successful video games ever made thanks to its sheer amount of quality content and replayability. The city of Los Santos is among the most stunning and realistic game settings that we’ve had in certain times, and it’s filled to the brim with so many things to do and secrets to discover, which makes you just want to jump straight back in right after beating the main story.

what to do in gta v after story
GTA V: What to do after story

So, what to do in GTA V after story? Here is a list of 10 things to do after you’ve gone through the adventures of Michael, Trevor, and Franklin.

10. GTA Online

This one is rather obvious, so let’s get it out of the way first: The first thing you might want to look into after the main story is GTA Online. Released 6 years ago, it still has a healthy online community with new updates being added monthly. You can play it alone or get your friends involved to wreak chaos in Los Santos together.

gta v what to do after story
Grand Theft Auto Online is still receiving constant updates and has a healthy community even to this day

9. What to do in GTA V after story: Pull off some cool stunts

One nice thing about open-world games is that you get to mess around with their physics, and the same is true in Grand Theft Auto V. By now you’ve probably collected plenty of sports cars and dirt bikes, so why not go and see what they are truly capable of? There are several Stunt Jumps scattered throughout the map for you to find, which are required if you want to reach 100% progression.

Aside from that, there are plenty of other amazing spots to pull off some slick maneuvers. You haven’t played GTA V to its fullest if you’ve not slid down Mount Chiliad on a motorcycle.

gta 5 missions after story
You've not played GTA to its fullest until you've done some of these stunts!

8. Try your hands at the stock market

Finishing the story should give you lots of cash to spare. You can choose to invest that hard-earned money for even greater profits. There are many companies within Los Santos, many of which are competitors with one another, so you can get involved to tip the scales. For instance, you can buy Clucking Bell’s stocks, then head out and hunt down TacoBomb trucks. That will prompt Clucking Bell’s stock value to rise, which is when you cash out then buy something nice to reward yourself for your effort.

Gta Michael Money
The game offers an incredibly real economic system

7. GTA V What to do after story: Find all Strangers and Freaks

While GTA V’s story is great on its own, the Strangers and Freaks missions also offer many memorable moments, so you don’t want to miss out on them. Moreover, doing them will contribute to your 100% progression as well.

Gta Epsilon
The Strangers and Freaks missions also offer many memorable moments, so don’t miss out on them

6. Obtaining gold medals for all missions

This one is for the completionists out there. One of the hardest achievements to get in Grand Theft Auto V is “Solid Gold, Baby,” which requires you to get 70 gold medals in any of the missions. The main campaign consists of 69 missions in total, and you also have 58 additional Strangers and Freaks missions. Don’t fret, as you won’t have to get gold in all of them for the achievement. As mentioned, only 70 are required, so you can skip some of the more difficult ones, namely The Paleto Score, which is an absolute nightmare to get a gold medal on.

gta v what to do after story
You can go to the menu to replay missions if you didn't get gold medals on them the first time

5. What to do on GTA 5 after story complete: Replay heists

Now if you’re trying to get “Solid Gold”, then you’re most likely already doing some heists again, but there’s another reason to try these missions again: You can take another approach from the first time to see how different the result will turn out.

Gta Heists
Try different approaches during heists to see how well things will turn out

4. Discover all the Easter Eggs and secrets

The city of Los Santos is a huge open-world with tons of Easter Eggs and secrets for you to discover. Some of them even include ghosts, Bigfoot, or aliens (unsurprisingly)! Now, many of these are located in really obscured spaces, so if you want to discover them all, be prepared to do some thorough digging.

Gta Alien
Some Easter Eggs involve Aliens

3. What to do in GTA V after story: Have fun with cheat codes

The GTA franchise has never been one to shy away from the idea of using cheat codes. Summoning a tank in Vice City to run over civilians with is probably a fond childhood memory for many of us. GTA V also brought back several ridiculous and fun cheat codes from the previous entries for us to cause chaos in its open-world, from becoming invincible to removing gravity or changing the weather at will. Sometimes it’s fun to just go wild on everything without worrying about the consequences! Just remember to create a separate save file beforehand.

Gta Tank
Sometimes it's fun to just go wild

2. GTA V What to do after story: Treat yourself

As mentioned, money should not be a concern for you after the main story, so you are more than welcome to go ahead and treat yourself with something nice. The game offers a huge collection of vehicles to buy (if you think about it, it’s kind of ironic that you’re buying a car in a game called Grand Theft Auto). There’s even a military jet on offer online for some reason – “online” as in, on the in-game Internet, not the Internet of our actual world. Sure, you can just break into the military base to hijack one, but this is still much more convenient.

Gta Super Car
You've got the money, so why not treat yourself with some nice cars?

1. Just have a comfortable life in Los Santos

Now, it's time to finish our What to do in GTA V after story list.

The awesome thing about Los Santos is that everything feels so… lively, as if life here still goes on even when you’ve turned off the game. As a result, you can just live comfortably as a normal, and likely wealthy, citizen here. There are tons of activities to pass your leisure times with: Tennis, golf, darts, and more. Even better, you can call an NPC friend and have them join you. After all, you know what they say: The more the merrier!

Gta Triathalon
Tired of all the action and schemes? Just live a normal, comfortable life!