Recently, developers from Rockstar have confirmed that the greatest gamers’ desire for GTA Online addition is coming. According to post on Twitter, Rockstar declared that the casino, which has been a gamers’ request for a long time, is bound to open its door. The popular GTA V’s Vinewood District Casino has been quite silent for many years, yet following this imminent update, GTA Online casino will be operational for the very first time.


There have been numerous predictions for Grand Theft Auto Online Vinewood Casino for several weeks, since sensitive data-miners found out small hints embedded in game patches. As leaker “TezFunz2,” revealed, Rockstar modified a script that leads to the change in the opening date of its casino. The changes also consisted of the disappearance of the large “Opening Soon” banner, as well as many construction signs showed up not far from the entrance door.

The exact time estimation until GTA Online Casino official opening is still unclear so far, yet it’s gonna take some time. The casino must go through several processes before launching, according to the leak’s description. At least, Rockstar will publicize what players gonna find once the casino opens. Without being said, we will have to wait for a while for more information and the official launching date.

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It is quite simple to understand the reason for the great expectation from GTA Online’s players for the casino. Since launched in 2013, GTA Online has featured the casino with an “Opening Soon” banner in front of it. In fact, the expectation for that casino got stronger as people are so excited with the idea of a gambling space within GTA Online. Well, you have to wait no more.

You may find the latest news update about Grand Theft Auto Online from Rockstar quite intriguing. Although Red Dead Online is no longer in beta phase, Rockstar still shows its commitment to the supporting of GTA Online. Despite former statement from Rockstar concerning this, seeing it actually happen is an entire different story. Provided that GTA online keep losing all of their money for the casino, hence cannot help purchasing additional GTA$, there will be more content for them to explore.

You can play Grand Theft Auto Online now on your PS4, Xbox One or PC as a GTA V’s part.

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