GTA Online is all about making money. A wealthy stash will buy you anything and get you anywhere in this game. From acquiring properties, businesses, vehicles, to purchasing snacks, the world is your oyster if you have money. To make money in GTA Online, most players just stick to the usuals. They sell hi-jacked cars, do GTA Online heists missions, or invest in the stock market. But if you go off that beaten paths, there are other really great ways to make some quick cash.

Gta Online Cash
Money can definitely buy happiness in GTA Online.

Check out these 5 underrated ways to make money in GTA Online.

5. Robbing Stores

There are 20 general stores in GTA Online, which makes them great to capitalize on.  They're scattered across the map, so feel free to which one you want to visit first.

Here's how you rob the store. Enter any general store of your choice, point a gun at the cashier, and they will start to fill money from the register into a plastic bag. Once they drop the bag on the floor, pick it up, and leave. Each successful robbery will yield $1,000 and $3,000.

Gta Online Make Money Rob Store
Squeeze some quick cash out of these stores.

4. Robbing Guards

Sometimes when you're traveling across the map, there's a chance that a blue dot will show up on the map. It indicates a random event. If you're lucky, you may find a sleeping guard at the blue dot, who you can walk up to and rob.

Robbing sleeping guards in Cayo Perico heist will give you in the first try, which translates to $7,007 in loot.

3. Time Trials

Time trials are a great way to make money, too. They are basically free mode events in which GTA Online allows you to earn extra cash and RP. All you have to do is to get into a vehicle and beat a time record.

For every new time trial record you break, you earn $100,000. If you complete the time trial after breaking the record, you'll get a consolation prize of between $1000 and $4000.

Gta Online Time Trial Gta V Rockstar Games
Complete against-the-clock races for money.

2. Adversary Mode

Adversary mode missions are PvP mode missions assigned by Martin Madrazo. It comes with a variety of missions where you can earn easy money and RP.

The list of available missions includes Bunker Series, Missile Base Series, Diamond Adversary Series, and many more.

Gta Online Make Money Adversary Mode
Don't sleep on the Adversary Mode.

1. Arcade

Last but not least, owning an arcade in GTA Online means having a huge business where you can earn big bucks without doing anything. You can even boost the revenue from the arcade by doing theft missions. They will require you to steal different arcade games and set them up at your won arcade.

Gta Online Make Money Arcade
Build an arcade for some great passive earning.

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