Los Santos Tuners update is here and players can get their own auto business. As one has managed to get their hands on an Auto Shop GTA Online of their own, they can even build a healthy bank balance from it.

Before investing your cash into this venture, you will want to know what you are paying for. Or you decided to go for it but are unsure to start from where. Either way, here’s everything you need about purchasing Auto Shops in GTA Online and how to make much money from it.

Gta Cars Online
By which way can you get an Auto Shop for yourself in GTA Online and even make profits from it?

GTA Online best Auto Shop location & prices

If you have set your eyes and cash on getting an Auto Shop, ensure you have at least once visited the LS Car Meet. The new social space locates in Cypress Flats. It will get you to the Car Meet basics as well as what it offers.

Players have to visit the Maze Bank Foreclosures online to have a look at the shops. The Auto Shop GTA Online location will be displayed on the map circled in blue.

There are five Auto Shops in GTA Online and their prices range from $1.6 to $1.9 in-game million.

  • La Mesa: $1,920,000
  • Burton: $1,830,000
  • Rancho: $1,750,000
  • Strawberry: $1,705,000
  • Mission Row: $1,670,000
Gta Online Strawberry Auto Shop
Here's a map for those who wonder where is the GTA Online best Auto Shop location.

However, it is not the last price. Players can add custom upgrades to their GTA Online Auto Shop for more GTA money including Staff, Style, Emblem. This will add a big part to the overall cost.

How to get free GTA Online Auto Shop

Considering how pricey the shops are, it would be amazing if the player can obtain at least one of them for free.

Recently, Amazon Prime Gaming let its subscribers get the Strawberry auto shop without having to roll out a dime. To claim the park, just be an Amazon Prime Gaming subscriber and simply head to the Amazon Prime Gaming website.

Moreover, you have to link your Amazon account to your account on Rockstar Games Social Club. Unfortunately, the free-to-grab event has expired and you need to keep an eye out there for new ones.

Strawberry Auto Shop
Free Strawberry auto garage was free for a while as part of Amazon Prime Gaming perks.

How to make money from Auto Shop GTA Online

Apart from the available benefits that an Auto Shop offers its owner, you can also make a lot more money from it if you know the way.

Perks from owning an Auto Shop

Once having owned an Auto Shop, you will be able to start missions taking from Sessanta and KDJ. Travel to your new asset, watch a cutscene, and go to the board in the office upstairs. Also, make sure to register as a CEO in GTA Online via the menu option of Securoserv. You will access more contracts once you have done the introductory task.

Take a look at the benefits a player may enjoy from the Shop:

  • Modding Bay: For personal vehicle customizing, and the bay is also accessible by other gamers who want to up their mod cars game. Auto Shop owners can as well buy an extra car lift to enhance customer mods.
  • Vehicle Storage: For ten personal vehicles at maximum.
  • Mechanics: Bonus staff members to help you run the auto GTA Online auto shop business by customer vehicles delivery.
  • Personal Quarters: The optional gamer launch point with a wardrobe, gun locker, and bed.
  • Exotic Exports List: A chalkboard of auto shop car list with ten cars to steal throughout Freemode solo or with other gamers.
Gta Online Cars
Owning an Auto Shop GTA Online gives you a lot of privileges.

GTA Online auto shop money guide

A large sum has been paid so you can get one Auto Shop, and there are methods for you to get it back in this very property.

  • Customizing vehicles

It costs one player $GTA 35,000 to customize a vehicle. And once the customization is done, you can deliver it to the customer or get a mechanic to do it.

Car delivery to the customer will grant you $60,000. If the work is done by a mechanic, it would take a bit longer and will give you less money.

  • Exotic Exports List

Exotic Exports List is a not-so-legal side of this business. You can have an option to deliver the vehicles off of the list and it works the same way as to how you deliver cars to Simeon.

The GTA Online Auto Shop car list refreshes every day and most of the cars spawn in free roam.

Meanwhile, some cars did not spawn in free roam up until this update and they are not often seen being driven. These vehicles will be parked and you can find them by checking the blue spots on the minimap.

When you have discovered a car the needs exporting, you will need to drive it to the docks. $20,000 will get into your wallet as the reward for this task.

Exotic Exports Cars
The Auto Shop car list is updated daily.
  • Mini-Heists

The last but not least method to make money from the auto shop is to do mini-heists. They are all pinned on the whiteboard in the Auto Shop’s upstairs portion. Depending on each mission, you will get from $160,000 to $180,000. There are six new missions for players in total to do solo or along with a group.

Similar to regular heists, these mini-heists have side missions to finish that each gives the player $10,000. Each mini-heist have two set up missions and you can make use of any vehicle to complete them.

Players can even complete these in a solo lobby to dodge unnecessary deaths.

Mission Contract Board
Complete the available contracts to earn money from the GTA Online Auto Shop business.
Gta Online Auto Shop Money Guide
The final payment for each contract will be grand.

Above is every important highlight you need to make the best out of GTA Online Auto Shop. Get yourself more essential guides and updates on Gurugamer.com!

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