GTA 5 Nightclub Warehouse Management - GTA 5 is one of the most iconic games ever. It was developed and released in 2013 by Rockstar Games. The game is set in the fictional city of San Andreas, where players can choose to follow the story or roam free around the city.

GTA Online is a part of GTA 5. It is set before the events of GTA 5 on the same map. Players can play online with other online players in private sessions or public sessions.

Gta V Night Club Warehouse
You can manage your own nightclub to make illegal money in GTA Online

GTA 5 Nightclub Warehouse Management is a feature that was introduced in the GTA Online: After Hours update. Here in this article, we will explain to you what this feature is about and how to make money from it.

GTA 5 Nightclub Warehouse Management explained

Players manage their club from the computers in the office or basement levels. The player can also watch a live stream of the current DJ from their computer. The Home screen gives a summary of the club status.


The Nightclub Management shows you the status of the club including the popularity of the nightclub, number of player visits, current clientele, current daily income, safe capacity, and celebrity appearances as statistics. The income of the club is based on your popularity. At 100% popularity, you can earn 10k per day.

You can do promotion missions and club management missions regularly to keep their popularity high. Occasionally, you will be required to pick up a celebrity and drop them off at your club to increase your popularity.

You can buy staff ($ 475,000) and upgrade security ($695,000) for your Nightclub. The staff will slow down the popularity decrease rate of your club while the security guard will help your business get attack less.

In order to get money, you need to open the safe in your office. You can find it by following the mark on the minimap. You will get statues when you reach certain money milestones.

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The Warehouse is placed underneath your club. This is where you store your delivery vehicle as well as where you sell your illegal product and laundering through the nightclub.

Here are the illegal businesses that you might do in your warehouse: Coke lockup, meth lab, a weed farm, counterfeit cash, document forgery, the bunker, or crates.

Gta V Night Club Warehouse
The warehouse is where you get most of your income from not-so-illegal business


In order to start making products, you need a technician. You will start by assigning one technician to stock in the Warehouse Management menu. You can have up to 5 technicians. Each technician costs more than the previous one, but it is worth it to produce more stock simultaneously. You can buy upgrades($1,425,000) to generate stock faster.

Gta V Night Club Warehouse
The popularity of your nightclub determines the income of your nightclub

You can also get stock from business battles vs other players in the public lobby.

You can only produce a stock of the business that you are running. The production speed of each product will be different from one another.


Each type of stock worth differently and have a different maximum amount in your warehouse. Tony will take 10% of every sale you make.

You can sell individual types of stock, sell all types in one sale, or sell special orders. Special orders will earn you 5% more than usual.

Gta V Night Club Warehouse
Each product in your warehouse has a different selling price and maximum stock amount

You can stock a maximum of 1.6 million worth of product while Tony will only take a maximum of 100k. So if you can stock more than 1 million worth of product, you can get rid of a bit of money loss.

  • Cargo and Shipments (Crates) are worth 10k each and you can store up to 50 stock maximum (Maximum of 500k, 450k post cut)
  • South American Imports (Coke) are worth 20k each and you can store up to 10 stock maximum (Maximum of 200k, 180k post cut)
  • Organic Produce (Weed) is worth 1.5k each and you can store up to 80 stock maximum (Maximum 120k, 108k post cut)
Gta V Night Club Warehouse
Special Cargo will give you 5% more money than usual sale
  • Printing and Copying (Forged Documents) is worth 1k each and you can store up to 60 stock maximum (Maximum of 60k, 54k post cut)
  • Pharmaceutical Research (Meth) is worth 8.5k each and you can store up to 20 stock maximum (Maximum of 170k, 153k post cut)
  • Cash Creation (Counterfeit Cash) is worth 3.5k each and you can store up to 40 stock maximum (Maximum of 140k, 126k post cut)
  • Sporting Goods (Guns/Bunker) is worth 5k each and you can store up to 100 stock maximum (Maximum of 500k, 450k post cut)

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