Seven years from its 2013's release, GTA V is still going strong, building a thriving empire of dedicated gamers around the world. Rockstar Games has done an incredible job of keeping the game fresh and fun to play with constant content updates. As a part of the After Hours patch, GTA Online welcomed Nightclubs to Los Santos. And if you know how to set up the business, your GTA 5 Nightclub income could get as much as $60,000 an hour or more.

But let's get this out of the way first. Nightclubs are a valuable investment in GTA Online, which could cost something in the $3 million neighborhood. So it's always a good idea to save up some money via other activities or events in the game, to begin with. For PlayStation Plus users, there's a $1,000,000 monthly login bonus available every month until the release of GTA V on PS5.

Gta 5 Nightclub After Hours
Nightclubs are a part of the After Hours update

But for other platforms, the route to wealth and power may not be that easy. You can check out our guide on making money FAST in GTA V for more ideas on that. As of now, let's get down to the Nightclub department!

GTA 5 Nightclub Income Sources

Legal Income

After successfully setting up a nightclub, it will start to generate income. Depending on the club's popularity, you will make from $100 to $10,000 per day (48 minutes in real-time). The money is added to the wall safe, which holds up to $70,000. If the amount surpasses 70,000, Tony will spend it on the club. The Nightclub management missions can also net up to $5000.

Gta 5 Nightclub Locations
You can buy nightclubs all over Los Santos

Nightclub Popularity

There's a meter that measures your nightclub's popularity meter. It will decay steadily overtime at a rate of 5% per in-game day. To increase the stat, the owner must perform side missions, which are generally short and easy. Swapping DJs also increase the club's popularity. And every GTA$ 10,000 spent on marketing equals 10% popularity. Therefore, one could "buy" 100% popularity with GTA$ 100,000.

Illegal Income

This income comes from goods sold from the nightclub warehouse. It's only available in public sessions. You can sell an assortment of illegal items and make a fortune here, but the business requires extra investments. We'll go into details about that below.

GTA 5 Nightclub Costs

Utility Fees

Nightclubs do require a periodical utility fee to run. It costs GTA$ 1750 every day (48 minutes in real-time). While not high, this fee can stack up and could harm your business at the early stages. After you have well-running businesses, this won't be an issue in any regard.

Nightclub Upgrades

The owner can upgrade their nightclubs in the three following categories:

  • Security Upgrade ($695,000): Decreases the possibilities of raids. A raid will drop the popularity
  • Staff Upgrade ($ 475,000): Reduces the rate of popularity decay
  • Equipment Upgrade ($1,425,000): Allow technicians to produce supplies faster
Gta 5 Nightclub Upgrades
Remember to buy all the upgrades

Hiring Technicians

One nightclub could house a maximum of 5 technicians who automatically generate supplies. The ware comes with a free technician, the rest must be bought separately. The exact costs are as follows:

  • 1st Technician - Free
  • 2nd Technician - GTA$ 141,000
  • 3rd Technician - GTA$ 184,500
  • 4th Technician - GTA$ 240,500
  • 5th Technician - GTA$ 312,000

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How to Make the Most Money with Nightclubs in GTA Online?

If you play set up your business right, you can earn a whopping GTA 5 Nightclub income per hour with basically zero effort. Upgrading your warehouse further to get additional storage will also increase the maximum profit.

Gta 5 Nightclub Income Chart
Take a look at this GTA 5 Nightclub profit chart

Here's a  list of the maximized production line and its payout:

Printing & Copying

  • Value: $60,000 (60 units x $1,000)
  • Earnings per hour: $4,000/hour

Organic Produce

  • Value: $120,000 (80 units x $1,500)
  • Earnings per hour: $4,500/hour

Cash Creation

  • Value: $140,000 (40 units x $3,500)
  • Earnings per hour: $7,000/hour

Sporting Goods

  • Value: $500,000 (100 units x $5,000)
  • Earnings per hour: $7,500/hour
Nightclub Warehouse Management
Manage your warehouses right

Pharmaceutical Research

  • Value: $170,000 (20 units x $8,500)
  • Earnings per hour: $8,500/hour

Cargo and Shipments

  • Value: $500,000 (50 units x $10,000)
  • Earnings per hour: $8,570/hour

South American Imports

  • Value: $200,000 (10 units x $20,000)
  • Earnings per hour: $10,000/hour

Business Battles

Business Battles start every 15 minutes in public sessions with at least three players. They must be in Freemode and have no ongoing missions. Players need to pick up the duffel bags or vehicles then deliver them to the warehouse in the nightclub. In addition to increasing stock, you get $10,000 for the delivery of each good to the club.

Gta 5 Nightclub Business Battle
Do Business Battles for extra-resources

With every option maxed out and technicians working in the most profitable production, you're looking at a $60,000 passive income for basically no effort. Your GTA 5 nightclub profit would just go off the roof!

That's all it is for now on your guide to GTA 5 nightclub income. Nightclubs add another source where players can exploit to expand their businesses and earn a steady cash injection with no hassle. If you play your cards right, then nothing can stop you from dominating Los Santos. For more guides, tips, and tricks into GTA 5, visit our website at