GTA is nearly 10 years old but it successfully holds up well in the gaming industry with new trends every year. The game has also been able to compete with some of the most popular titles these days when it comes to technicality and graphics.

GTA 5 is a technical powerhouse as Rockstar Games has taken out all of its cards and showcased its attention to detail with all aspects of this game. The title delivers realistic weather effects, character models, you cannot find a half-backed detail in GTA 5. It’s nearly impossible to find a better-looking game.

However, there are many factors leading to the success of a game’s visuals. We are now excited to introduce to you 5 titles that may have better graphics than GTA 5.

1. Just Cause 4

The Just Cause franchise has achieved success and set its own footprint in the gaming industry as Avalanche learned from competitors’ mistakes. Initially, Just Cause wasn’t developed to rival GTA because it’s hardly possible to take on such a big franchise at this point.


Just Cause 4 Leak 4 2060x1159

That’s why rather than mimicking what GTA has done, Just Cause chose to focus on borrowing the basics of the open-world genre and building from that with a lot more creativity. The result is a combination of an open-world game and the sensibilities of a fiction-action movie.

Just Cause 4 encourages players to have their way and rewards them for the chaos. It features the freedom of traversal, the destructible environment, and the vast open-world that altogether create the maelstrom of madness.

2. Mafia 3

This title marked a big step-up for the entire franchise regarding size, scale, and ambition. So far, Mafia 3 has been pretty much linear affairs with an open-world element.

Instead of distracting players with an open world, Mafia used that to help players evolve in the city where the characters live while Empire Bay exists in parts only.

Mafia 3 1

Video Shows Why Mafia 3 Is A Step Down From Mafia

However, Mafia 3 is more like a traditional open-world game, featuring New Bordeaux available to roam. It’s likely closer to a Punisher title that gamers could ask for with players gaining control of a Vietnam veteran and beginning to fight against the mob.

The game delivers cinematics and cutscenes that are done very well, making it outstanding from competitors.

3. Watch Dogs 2

Though the first title of the series did not debut well, Watch Dogs 2 has successfully become a high-profile comeback story in modern gaming. With several problems such as a massive downgrade in graphics, Watch Dogs couldn’t steal fans’ hearts despite its bold ideas.

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Therefore, the series couldn’t stir up the audience. However, critics had positive comments for Watch Dogs 2 as it’s an open-world game that’s made extremely well with creative choices.

Then, fans quickly noticed Watch Dogs 2, and now, the game has become of the most loved titles from Ubisoft. It does an excellent job of fixing the flaws from the previous version and has gained a lot of new fans for the franchise.

4. Yakuza 0

Yakuza 0 was developed as the prequel to the original title of the Yakuza franchise, making fans around the world excited.

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Yakuza 1712513b

The Yakuza series does a great job when it creates a perfect tone in the gameplay with just enough drama as well as humor for a perfect combination. The franchise outdoes all other games in this genre regarding gameplay as it has probably the best combat system ever in modern gaming.

Not just that, the game has a great back story as well. Yakuza 0 explores Goro Majima’s origin. The title was very well received by fans, considered a wakeup call for Western audiences and global fans of the greatness of this franchise.

5. Red Dead Redemption II

Unlike GTA, Red Dead Redemption is about a quiet, introspective man at a bar. Rockstar Games had not known the series could become one of its most-loved titles so quickly.

Read Dead Redemption Ii Gameplay Trailer 32

Red Dead Redemption 2 Screenshot 066 3840 0

Red Dead Redemption is currently one of the best games in its genre and has stolen fans’ hearts ever since.

Notably, the second game of the series not only lives up to fans’ expectations but it also successfully surpasses it. Red Dead Redemption II features more memorable characters while taking the franchise to a whole new level regarding cinematics. Its technical performance and visuals are unmatched in the gaming industry.

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