The most recent and biggest game in the Grand Theft Auto series, GTA 5, is known for its vast amount of content for fans to complete and gain benefits from, in addition to just playing the main storyline. However, the famous multi-platform game also has quite a few hidden missions that few players pick up on, many of which are very funny, unusual, and "different" from the rest of the game.

GTA 5: Top 10 Best 'Hidden' Missions In The Game Few Players Know About

While these missions hardly affect the general lore or the main storyline, they are still pleasant surprises for those who do not expect them. Here are 10 of these hidden GTA 5 missions which you learn more about below:

10 Best 'Hidden' Missions in GTA 5 Few Players Know About

1. Bigfoot Hunt

Bigfoot has always been a focus of urban legends involved with other games in the GTA franchise. Here, he is represented by Sasquatch, a folk creature who is similar in appearance and mysteriousness.

While playing as Franklin on The Last One mission, you finally get to find the "Bigfoot" in GTA 5. The mission can only be completed after the player completes 100% of the game, including the main story. From there it is available at Raton Canyon.

2. Saving Movie Stars

Anyone who approaches Raton Canyon in the early evening may have the chance to save two real-life movie stars. Here, the game makes a small reference to the 1991 movie Thelma & Louise, starring Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon.

In the movie, the pair of women throw themselves off a cliff inside their car while fleeing the police. The scene inside the game is the same, but the player has the option to save the women by placing himself in the way with another vehicle.

3. "Immigrant-hunting"

GTA 5 has always displayed the American way of life in all its aspects, including the politically incorrect side. In one of the secret missions, this is also showcased when the character Trevor is recruited to "hunt" for Mexican immigrants who try to enter the United States illegally.

The Civil Border Patrol mission can be found in Blaine County and is given by agents Josef and Joe. It only ends when Trevor finds his targets, who seem to be regular people being harassed by the agents, and paralyzes them with a stun gun.

4. Michael the Cultist

Michael, the character who represents the richest and most well-to-do among the three protagonists of GTA 5, can be recruited to join a secret cult. It is possible to access the Epsilon Group website and complete their registration form to become a member.

From there, you have to wait to receive the invitation and carry out missions such as stealing cars or donating money to the cause, with objectives that derive from all of those.

5. Waste-collecting Submarine

One of the game's main missions involves hijacking a small yellow submarine. After it is owned by the player, they are free to explore the oceans of GTA 5, and the seabed holds many interesting surprises.

For example, there is a secret and repeatable mission in the game that allows you to collect nuclear waste at the bottom of the sea. Some characters around the city buy this nuclear waste, which can make good money.

6. Space Car

One of the secret missions in GTA 5 lets you have access to a space car. By controlling Franklin, you can find mysterious parts of what appears to be a spaceship in the desert area of ​​the map. After collecting them, visit the Omega character's lab to put them together and you're done: you'll have an exclusive space vehicle, but one that only drives on earth.

7. Alien Encounters

This is not such a secret mission, but many people are unaware of its existence or simply think that it is some modification of GTA 5. Within the game, it is possible to encounter a bunch of aliens and try to take them out.

To find the aliens, you need to play as Michael in the Park Square area of ​​Downtown Los Santos. Michael meets with some activists and takes some drug from them. Afterwards, he faints and begins to see green aliens that need to be killed.

8. Detective

GTA 5 also has a mission that mimics investigative game mechanics very well. At the Los Santos Sonar Collections Dock, Michael can find a lonely detective who asks the man to help her solve a crime. The mission, besides being difficult to find, is difficult to complete: you are required to find 30 parts of a submarine at sea to solve the crime.

The mission reward is not worth it at all, but it is a good challenge should you want to try out something different

9. Hunting

Despite being a game that deals with crimes like theft of cars and trading illegal materials, GTA 5 also contains a large variety of ways to have fun. While playing as Trevor in the forests, after being contacted by his friend Cletus, you can begin playing an extensive hunting mission. It is a good diversion from shooting at other humans in the game.

10. Blast From the Past

GTA 5 also allows you to interact with the past characters of the series. Similar to GTA 4, it is possible to run into these references of the series. For example, you can have the chance to recruit Patrick McCreary as a heist partner, a very close friend of Niko Bellic, the protagonist of GTA 4.

He is found in one of Los Santos' guard houses and with another character looking for a getaway driver for the two of them.

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