Even though years have passed since GTA 5 was first released, the game continues to find itself booted up in thousands of computers every day, if not more. The huge community that supports Rockstar's open-world is not just made up of passive players, but hundreds of mod creators who improve, modify, and even pervert the original experience.

GTA 5: Top 10 Most Fun Mods That Allow You To Do Almost Anything

These mods created by users bring even more detail to the city of Los Santos, while others add new missions, allow online role-playing, and there's even one that allows you to enjoy the entire original campaign in virtual reality.

The only limit to creativity, according to Rockstar Games, is to misuse the studio's intellectual property (although this can be quite ambiguous), and apply modifications to GTA Online, since that could affect the experience of other players and discourage the purchase of micropayments in the online universe of Grand Theft Auto.

GTA 5: Top 10 Most Fun Mods That Allow You To Do Almost Anything

Bypassing these restrictions while playing online may lead to a permanent ban from the game. But other than that, the freedom is absolute. And before looking at some of the most fun GTA 5 mods you should try, let's first answer a question that first-time mod-users all have:

How do I install mods in GTA 5?

The vast majority of mods use one of these two programs to work: Script Hook V and GTAV LUA Plugin. Any changes made by these applications can be reversed by checking the integrity of the game cache from the Steam options.

Script Hook V is a package that allows you to write and apply scripts, which are used by modders to modify the game. To install it, download it from here, unzip the folder and copy the files "ScriptHookV.dll", "dsound.dll" and "NativeTrainer.asi", then paste them where "GTA5.exe" is located.

To install GTAV LUA Plugin, which allows you to install mods easily, the process is the same. You have to download it from this link, unzip the folder and move the "LUA.asi" file and the "scripts" folder to where "GTA5.exe" is located. Inside "scripts" you will see another folder called "addons", which is where you put the mod files you will download later.

1. Simple Zombies

With this mod, GTA 5 transforms into something more like State of Decay. Los Santos has been overtaken by zombies, and players have to survive, build camps, and recruit survivors to help them on their mission. It will be necessary to distribute the weapons among your comrades, build barricades and of course, look for resources, eat and sleep to live another day.

GTA 5: Top 10 Most Fun Mods That Allow You To Do Almost Anything

It can be downloaded from here.

2. Ped Riot/Chaos Mode

The NPCs of GTA 5 have seen time and time again how the players have ended their lives along with their friends and their families, so now they have decided to take revenge. With this mod, all non-player characters in Los Santos will be armed to the teeth and will shoot without rhyme or reason at everyone they see, including the player.

Also, the police have stayed in bed, so there is no one to control all this mayhem except you. The mod can be downloaded at this link.

3. Sitting Mod

A mod that allows you to sit on a bench, on a chair, on a stool, and simply look at the horizon, think about life, the chaos, and the destruction that you have brought to Los Santos. Relax and repent for your wayward behaviors by downloading the mod from here.

GTA 5: Top 10 Most Fun Mods That Allow You To Do Almost Anything

4. Raider's Blood, Violence, Melee & Destruction

If sitting quietly is not your thing, and you demand even more raw violence, then this mod offers just that: it increases the amount of blood that can be drained from the NPCs by quite a bit, along with more realistic bullet wounds, scars, explosions, footprints on the bodies of the enemies and all kinds of things to make everything gorier. It is downloadable here.

5. Ambient Weapons

Sometimes fists and weapons are not enough to cause bloody chaos on the beaches, streets, shopping centers, and other places in Los Santos. This mod helps you out by allowing you to take garbage containers, surfboards and many other things to throw at the passers-by as if you were the Hulk. It can be downloaded from this link.

GTA 5: Top 10 Most Fun Mods That Allow You To Do Almost Anything

6. Railroad Engineer

For some of us in Los Santos, violence is unnecessary. They prefer to calmly get on a train, adjust the speed and use a wide number of commands to drive trams and other vehicles on rails, although you can always choose derail and cause more chaos if you ever change your mind. To become a train conductor you just have to install this mod.

7. Hot Coffee

If you are familiar with the controversy of the Hot Coffee mod from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which allowed us to have sex, then that is just what you are going to find here, although this one comes with more options and many animations. It is downloadable here.

GTA 5: Top 10 Most Fun Mods That Allow You To Do Almost Anything

8. Open All Interiors

This modification allows you to enter all rooms and houses in the game that are closed, adding pedestrians in some of those areas. Elevators have also been added to the larger buildings and there are extra areas in the stores that can be robbed. To install the mod you just have to download the file from this link.

9. Single Player Apartment

As the title indicates, this mod allows players to have their own apartment in the game just like in GTA Online. The files include most of the houses that users of the online mode can buy, but for the single-player mode.

GTA 5: Top 10 Most Fun Mods That Allow You To Do Almost Anything

A large number of floors, garages, vehicles, and numerous items are added to these locations and there are additional actions you could do in them. The mod is downloadable from here.

10. Realism Dispatch Enhanced

The objective of this mod is to bring more realism to multiple aspects of the world of GTA 5, adding new behaviors for artificial intelligence, modifying the jurisdiction of the police, the types of the response from the NPCs, etc. New models are also added and the Search system has been modified: reaching all six stars will make survival a challenge. You can download it from this link.

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