It is a gaming genre that has been around for almost forever. The most iconic fighting game characters also happen to be some of the most well-known video game characters. Starting from arcade machines that weigh hundreds of kilograms, we can now enjoy the best fighting games to play online for free on our mobile device that fits in our pocket.

fighting games to play online for free

Fighting games, in general, have very simple mechanics with the goal of defeat the enemy but offer lots of gameplay possibilities thanks to the dozens of movements, powers, and abilities that a character can have. Within the genre, there are many types of fighting, from martial arts to gladiatorial combat to superhero battles.

Fighting games for online play are becoming very popular and the graphics keep getting more and more impressive. Fortunately, our mobile devices have been gaining a lot in terms of processing power, meaning we can enjoy great-looking online fighting games to play for Android.

fighting games to play online for free

If you have been looking for such games, here are the 10 online free fighting games to play that you definitely must try:

Top 10 Best Fighting Games to Play Online For Free on Android

1. Injustice 2

Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises

The continuation of the popular Injustice: Gods Among Us comes with better graphics, more combinations, and an update with all the superheroes from the latest of the Justice League series. You get anyone from Batman to Wonder Woman, to Flash and Harley Quinn.

It is a very visually impressive fighting game to play online, with all kinds of combos and all of your favorite popular characters that you can control.

2. Marvel Contest of Champions

Developer: Kabam

Marvel fans have been treated to some very quality fighting games free play online like Contest of Champions or Future Fight. In this game, other than being able to choose from a wide range of characters, such as Spider-Man, Magneto, StarLord, or Hulk, we also have the possibility to create teams, form alliances, and carry out missions.

A game with several years behind it but thanks to constant updates continues to draw in new players.

3. Dragon Ball Legends

Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

For fans of the anime starring Son-Goku, Dragon Ball Legends is one of the best fighting games to play online for free with intuitive controls, based on gestures and attack cards, to help recreate this popular Japanese manga and the equally popular anime series.

4. Real Steel World Robot Boxing

Developer: Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited

A multiplayer game where we have our own killer robot. In this game, we improve our robots so that they hit better punches, are faster or acquire different weapons. Highly recommended not only for the fun premise but also for the active online community created.

5. Mortal Kombat

Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises

With graphics based on Unreal Engine 4, the Mortal Kombat series has become synonymous with what fighting games to play online for free are like. Quite violent and brutal during regular kombat, but is even more grizzly with the classic fatalities. Form a team of three and fight against other warriors in a game that will not work on mobiles with less than 1GB of RAM.

6. Kung Fu Fighting

Developer: Acuspunsa

Another choice for lovers of martial arts is Kung Fu Fighting, a classic where we put ourselves in the shoes of Lee, a reference to the master himself, and with many references to his works. It is a straightforward game where the powers are marked by different circles.

7. Real Boxing 2 Rocky

Developer: Vivid Games SA

One of the most complete boxing fighting games to play online for free for Android. Here, you can step in the shoes of legendary combatants like Rocky Balboa or Ivan Drago. A whole swath of movements and impressive graphics that bring you the best boxing action you can have on a mobile device.

8. EA Sports UFC


Electronic Arts offers us EA Sports UFC, a game with first-rate graphics, multiple movements and abilities, and the possibility of participating in online events. Fight in the Octagon with all kinds of customizations.

9. Knights Fight

Developer: Shori Games

Here is a fighting game with swords, axes, and armor that takes us back to a theme that we have seen in hundreds of other movies and games. It stands out for its graphics, hitting strokes, and a fairly realistic health system.

10. Shadow Fight 3

Developer: NEKKI

The Shadow Fight franchise is already in its third edition and this one comes with the best graphics. A game where we choose from three different fighting styles, equip our fighters, and take advantage of all kinds of stealth and shadow skills to defeat our enemies. Undoubtedly one of the best fighting games for Android that can be downloaded for free.

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