Android has become a very versatile gaming platform. The best paid games in Android are often not in the Candy Crush style, and while Candy Crush is still a very good franchise, it is not what a mobile gamer normally looks for. The best mobile gaming experience tends to come from top paid games in Android, which are worth every bit of money you spend on them.

best paid games in android

We know that there are also great free mobile games out there with complete riveting stories and incredible gameplay, but other than the small indie games, these often do not offer you the full experience unless you pay for in-game microtransactions. Whereas the best paid games in Android offer you the whole package with a one-time payment.

Even when you have to pay for an Android game, the platform is still very cheap compared to others such as PlayStation or Xbox. Most of the time, the best paid Android games of all time are cheaper than those you can get from Steam, one of the cheapest traditional platforms when it comes to buying PC games.

best paid games in android

Therefore, while we may find the best paid games for Android 2020 here somewhat expensive, they are still very quality games regardless of platforms available at much lower prices. So if you are feeling like digging into your wallet, check out these top 5 paid games for Android worth your money.

Top 5 Best Paid Games in Android Worth Your Investment

1. The Escapists: Prison Break/The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout

Both The Escapists or The Escapists 2 are worth spending money on. In these games, you will have to take advantage of all the resources available to escape from prison. The gameplay itself is quite curious: it is an open-world game inside a prison.

It may seem strange at first but you are sure to have fun trying to escape from prison and racking your brain figuring out all the ways to take advantage of everything around you.

2. Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories is not just among the best paid games in Android, but one of the most well-known video game franchises. There have been several Monster Hunter games released for various platforms from handheld consoles to PC.

And here we have Monster Hunter Stories which was originally released on the Nintendo 3DS but is now available for Android (and iOS). And the game itself is the most expensive on the list because you get the same experience as the Nintendo version but with even better graphics, where you hunt monsters and use them to improve your equipment.

3. Monument Valley 1/Monument Valley 2

You can't talk about the best paid Android games out there without mentioning Monument Valley. Despite the fact that they have been in the Play Store for years, both the first and second installments, they remain the best paid games in Android you should definitely consider paying for.

In this game, all you have to do is move the architecture that surrounds your characters in order to advance and overcome the puzzles that are presented to you. Will you be able to unlock these puzzles and move forward?

4. The Room

If Monument Valley is one of the best paid Android franchises out there, then The Room is the grand-daddy of them all. With four installments released so far and each one receiving near-unanimous positive ratings and reviews that give the games an average score of 4.9 in the Play Store, The Room is simply a franchise that if you haven't played already, then you should.

In these games, you must solve the mysteries presented to you by examining everything you can see in the room, where your brain must work hard to proceed.

5. Stardew Valley

Developer Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone set out to make a game that would give him the kind of experience Harvest Moon had not given him for years with Stardew Valley. After embarking on a massive one-man project that took him years, he succeeded in 2016 after Stardew Valley was launched. In 2018, the game was released for mobile.

This game, praised by critics and users alike, has caught the interest people who previously had no interest in farming games. The game's options are enormous, as is its amount of play time. Stardew Valley is possibly one of the best paid games in Android when it comes to value for money: You get hundreds of hours of fun gameplay for less than Rs 500.

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