Virtual Reality (VR) could soon be the future of media consumption. It is a technology that is booming and making strides especially in the world of video games. Even Android device users can now find a wide variety of free VR games to download, which this top 10 best free VR games 2020 list will help you with.

best free vr games 2020

In the Google Play Store there are a large number of best free to play VR games, and many of them are suitable for both adults and children. VR games have evolved a lot, offering better graphics and better implementation than before, providing a more complete user experience.

Currently, there are many options of top free VR games 2020 to download, all of which have very simple extra requirements to start playing, other than the device you own.

How to Start Playing The Best Free VR Games 2020 on Your Phone

Playing best free VR games 2020 titles on your Android mobile is really simple, since a great majority of them cost nothing. The first thing you need is a compatible smartphone, something that is indicated on the Google Play page of the game itself. Then you just have to download the title you want to play.

best free vr games 2020

Of course, any mobile VR experience would not be complete without a VR device. You can always purchase a Google Cardboard or similar headsets, which are cardboard glasses that allow you to experience 3D on a smartphone and make use of Virtual Reality applications at very little cost.

On the other hand, you can always buy inexpensive VR glasses that allow you to place your smartphone within and be fully immersed into one of these games. Finally, some games also require the use of a controller, although any Bluetooth controller you have at home that you can pair with your smartphone will do.

best free vr games 2020

As we are only discussing the ways in which you can experience VR on your mobile, the above instructions are not about how to start playing best free VR games on Steam 2020 or best free PS4 VR games 2020. Those games require substantially more expensive hardware which we will explain in other articles.

Finally, now that you know how to enjoy these titles on your mobile device, here's the list of 10 free Virtual Reality games in 2020 for Android that you have to try:

10 Best Free VR Games 2020 for Android

1. VR Fantasy

VR Fantasy is a free VR game for Android that requires a Google Cardboard or a similar VR platform to be able to enjoy. A title that takes players into the dungeons of an ancient magical fortress where you take up your sword to fight and solve all the puzzles to get to the exit.

2. Ghost Hunter VR

Ghost Hunter VR is a Virtual Reality version of the classic Pacman. A remastered title in which players must walk through the labyrinths as the iconic circle-shaped character while avoid being eaten by ghosts.

best free vr games 2020

3. VR X-Racer

VR X-Racer is a virtual reality spaceship racing game that is worth a try. With minimalist graphics, this title does not only reward the driver that is the fastest, but also the most skilled at avoiding obstacles that appear along the way.

4. House of Terror VR

House of Terror: Valerie's Revenge is a Virtual Reality game in which players must search through dark environments full of traps and monsters. In addition, you also have to solve puzzles, look for clues and, above all, try not to get caught. An excellent choice on this best free VR games 2020 list that can be played with any Virtual Reality glasses.

5. VR Thrills

VR Thrills is a free Virtual Reality game in which you can experience a roller coaster ride in your smartphone and from anywhere. A game that also allows you to interact with the environment in a limited way and will make your adrenaline level rise as if you were on a real roller coaster.


BAMF VR is a VR game that is only available for Android devices, albeit for free. It is an original VR game, which mixes the genre of platforms, puzzles and riddles. An Android VR game for young users or those of any age to stimulate creativity.

7. InMind VR

InMind VR is a short adventure game with arcade elements. A game designed for Google Cardboard, it can be enjoyed using any Virtual Reality glasses, however. The game allows you to experience a trip to the brain of a patient in search of the neurons that cause mental disorders.

8. Hardcore VR

Hardcore VR is one of the best free VR games 2020 that you cannot miss the opportunity to try. A VR game for Android mobile devices that focuses on the multiplayer experience where players must face each other in shooting and puzzle combats.

9. VR Maze

VR Maze is a puzzle experience consisted of drawing a line from a point of origin located outside a maze to a destination generally located in the center or on the opposite side. A title whose difficulty lies in finding a direct path to the desired finish line, and where the mazes are randomly generated each time.

10. VR Wrong Voyage

VR Wrong Voyage is a free title for Android designed to be played standing up and requires a Bluetooth controller. A game that mixes elements of puzzle, platform and shooting in addition to various tools to help you advance through the maps of different levels.

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