If you do not have enough space on your Android device, or you are just looking to find new games without going through much hassle, you can check out this list of titles that you can start playing immediately without having to install them. Arcade games, 3D shooters, puzzles, and a lot more are included among this list.

Top 15 Android Games You Can Play Immediately, No Installations Required

To access the list of the games you have to follow the links to Google Play from your Android device, which are included here. Then a 'Try Now' button will appear next to the "Install" button: tap on it and the application will open instantly. The length of each app varies: sometimes only a few levels are included and sometimes the full game.

Top 15 Android Games You Can Play Immediately Without Installing


Developer: Triple Trip Studio

A casual game of skill in which you must control a kind of bacteria avoiding obstacles, feed it as much as you can and avoid the rest of the microorganisms. Its levels are procedurally generated and you can play the game in its entirety without having to install it.

Trivia Crack 2

Developer: Etermax

The Trivia game by Etermax offers a small test to see whether or not you like their question and answer set-up. This test is not too extensive since it consists of a small competition with a fictional player, but it is worth spending a few minutes. And if you like what the game has to offer, you can always install it.

Pokémon Masters

Developer: DeNa

This instant app offers you a trainers battle in which you can test how it feels to pit your Pokémon against those of your opponents. It is a quick way to access the battles since the Pokémon Masters starting tutorial is a bit long.

Into the Dead 2

Developer: PIKPOK

This is a 3D shooter where you have to kill every zombie that crosses your path by tapping the screen and sliding your finger to avoid them. It is surprising for an instant app as the graphics are quite top-notch.

Brain Dots

Developer: Translimit, Inc

In this puzzle game, you try to draw lines on the screen to make the colored balls meet. You have a handful of levels with which to experiment without any compromise.

Extreme Balancer 3

Developer: Enteriosoft

Control a ball using the buttons on the screen so that it does not go off the marked path. Its 3D graphics are attractive and it has some pretty good physics. The demo includes several levels without needing to install anything.

Garena Free Fire

Developer: Garena

This Battle Royale has a test map with two and a half minutes of play. It is not much, but it does not require any installation either. The length is adequate and there is enough to offer a quick and uncomplicated game.

Alpha Guns 2

Developer: Rendered Ideas

A shooter with a side-scrolling perspective in which you have to kill all the enemies. It does not have a tutorial: as soon as you start the instant game you will be in full action. Although there is no saving mechanic playing this way.

Candy Crush Saga

Developer: King

The 'instant' version of this highly-popular game offers different levels without the need for installation. It does not include a tutorial, so you can play all of them with the experience you already have accumulated. And they are not simple levels, which makes it more interesting as an instant game.


Developer: Kumobius

This minimalist skill game is not only offered as a download but also as an instant app. It is simple in approach and extremely complex in practice: you have to move two colored balls by tapping on the sides of the screen so that they do not touch any of the falling blocks. It is a constant challenge.

Rodeo Stampede

Developer: Yodo1 Games

This fun arcade game is about lassoing animals as they stampede. The further you go, the more score you get, but this is not easy: jumping and grabbing the next mount by the neck becomes progressively more difficult. And the best part is that you can try Rodeo Stampede without downloading it - it's worth a few minutes.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter

Developer: ONESOFT

A complete instant game in the style of the classic "space invaders". Continuous enemy advancement, increasing difficulty, many types of weapons, a ship that will transform, and a campaign full of levels to complete. Worth a try.

Clash Royale

Developer: Supercell

The instant app offers training games that hardly have a tutorial. The game does not let you choose cards or do anything other than plan the strategy with the test deck, but it can be used for a quick look at the game if you do not want to install the whole thing.

Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Developer: King

The company King does not depend on Candy Crush alone. You can also play another of the key franchises of the company: Bubble Witch. The instant app offers several levels that you can enjoy without installing the full game.

ZEN - Block Puzzle

Developer: MagicAnt.Inc

A puzzle game similar to Tangram in which you have to drag the different lower pieces until the proposed figure is completed without gaps. It includes a lot of instant levels: tap outside the download box when you get the warning (it appears every certain number of phases).

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