In Stardew Valley, assisting the residents of Pelican Town is a fantastic way to build relationships and earn awesome rewards. Occasionally, villagers will post special orders, such as the Wizard’s request for Prismatic Jelly, for you to complete. If you're looking for the way to find Prismatic Slime Stardew Valley as well as the requested Prismatic Jelly, check our guide out below!

Stardew Slime
Where to find Prismatic Slime and get Prismatic Jelly?

What can we use Primastic Jelly for?

To complete the Wizard’s “Prismatic Jelly” quest, you must obtain Prismatic Jelly. This quest is one of the Special Orders you can find on the Special Orders board. You unlock the board during a cutscene on Fall 2, Year 1.

The board appears in front of Lewis’s house, and new quests become available every Monday. To start a quest, right-click the board and click on the “Accept Quest” button. Look for the “Prismatic Jelly” order to begin the quest.

You have 7 days in total to complete the quest, regardless of when you accept it. If you start the quest on a Saturday, you'll only have two days remaining to finish it. To maximize your time, make sure to check the board every Monday.

Additionally, you can have multiple special orders active simultaneously. Here's the text you'll see:

“I require assistance in tracking down the rare and dangerous prismatic slime, within the local caves. Bring me a jar of its prismatic jelly and you will be duly rewarded.” – M. Rasmodius.

Stardew Jelly Quest
After handing over the Prismatic Jelly and completing the dialogue with the Wizard, you will receive 5,000 gold and a Monster Musk recipe in the mail the following day.

Prismatic Jelly is exclusively used for the Wizard's quest and cannot be sold. You can only find it while the “Prismatic Jelly” quest is active. If you still have the Prismatic Jelly after finishing the quest or if the quest expires, the item will vanish.

Where to find Prismatic Jelly in Stardew Valley

To get Prismatic Jelly, you need to fight the rare Prismatic Slime in Stardew Valley.

Once you've accepted this quest from the Special Orders board, there’s about a 1.2% chance that any Slime you encounter in the specified locations will be a Prismatic Slime, which drops the Prismatic Jelly you need. And where to find the Prismatic Slimes? You can go to:

  • The Mines
  • Skull Cavern
  • The Quarry Mine

The Prismatic Slime looks like any other Slime but it changes color slowly through all shades of a rainbow. If you’re not paying close attention, it’s easy to miss.

Prismatic Slime
Defeat the slimes to get the Prismatic Jelly as their drops.

If too many enemies attack you, your best strategy is to defeat every Slime you encounter, as one might drop the Prismatic Jelly you need.

What level is best for Prismatic Slime?

The Prismatic Slime can spawn on any level in the mines. To maximize your chances, start at a deep level and explore 5-10 levels. Then, use the elevator to return to the top and repeat the process until you find the Prismatic Slime.

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