While the shooter genre is driving the world crazy with many leading titles like PUBG or Call Of Duty, action adventure games like GTA 5 still remain intact and carve their own niche in the video game industry. Being the most successful version in the GTA series, GTA 5 has always been the talk of the town and a popular search key on the internet. While GTA 5 is designed for PC, many users who only have a mobile device also hope to experience the game on their phones. That’s the reason why many people keep looking for GTA 5 APK downloads for android mobile. So it is possible that we can get the GTA 5 APK download to an android device? Keep reading to find out the truth!

Being released in 2013, Rockstar’s GTA 5 took the gaming community by storm for being the greatest game of the action-adventure game. The game stood the test of time and remained its leading position after 7 years. Even when many games like GTA 5 were released lately, GTA 5 is no doubt a legend that can be hardly outdone by any other games. Set in the San Andreas state of the US, GTA 5 keeps players hooked on complex and appealing stories, well-structured plots and a vast number of characters and vehicles to unfold.

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There is no official mobile version of GTA 5

While the game is available on many platforms including PC and Mac, PlayStation, and Xbox, it has yet to be made available for either Android and iPhone users. It means that you cannot download it from either the Google Play Store or Apple Apps Store at the moment.

However, recently, there are some websites that claim to have the APK files to install GTA 5 on Android devices. However, it is possible to get GTA 5 APK downloads for android mobile and what are the risks of doing it, this is what all players need to know:

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GTA 5 APK downloads for android mobile: The risk you need to know

While searching for the mobile version of GTA 5, you can easily get GTA 5 APK Download for Android Mobile. However, please note that these apps are not the official version of the game developers. In fact, GTA 5 mobile versions you can find on the internet are not all fake. You can really play it on your device. However, it is not the official version developed by Rockstar but likely to be made by an unauthorized game developer. Although you can actually play the game on your mobile, there are a few things you need to know before downloading it to your phone:

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Human verification is required

Although many websites promise to provide players with GTA 5 APK download for android mobile without verification, you will always need to complete the verification steps to be able to play the game. After downloading the APK file of GTA 5, you will also have to download some apps and play it for at least 30 seconds as the requirement.

You only have one mission in the mobile version

While the official version of GTA 5 offers 69 missions which can take you arround 80 hours to complete, the mobile version only has one mission so it's just like a demo of the full version. Given the fact that the PC version is 65GB and an 8GB RAM for a smooth gaming experience, it's completely impossible to play the full version on a mobile devive even when it's the most high-end one.

The risk of GTA 5 APK downloads for android mobile

As mentioned above, GTA 5 mobile version is not an official and authorized the app. By downloading and installing an app that is not authorized by Google Play, you are facing the cyber security risk as it can be contracted with malware, viruses, or spyware. Please consider the risk carefully as there your data and information can be stolen by allowing the app to access.


Best GTA 5 alternatives for Android mobile

Although the iconic games are unavailable for Android mobile at the moment, players who want to experience the action adventure game genre on their phone can take these games like GTA 5 for mobiles into consideration. Although playing the original version on a PC is the most ideal, it’s not bad to give it a try on highly-recommended alternatives for mobiles in case you do not have a PC or laptop of your own.

In addition to that, some prequels of GTA 5 have been made downloadable for both Android and iOS devices. You can go to the app store to download the official version of GTA 3, GTA: Vice City and GTA: San Andreas easily. Of course, these installments are less appreciated in comparison to the latest sequel GTA 5.

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