Grand Theft Auto V has been on the market for quite some time now. From its initial release in 2013, the action-adventure game still continues to dish out consistent performance. The second best-selling video game of all time offers players a vast open-world to explore and dominate in both single and co-op modes. Today, we will take on the GTA 5 Story Mode Money glitches to show you how to earn millions easily.

Gta5 Money
These money glitches will make you billions

Now, to get it out of the way, there is no money cheat GTA 5 story mode. Yes, in this single-player mode, the game offers cheats for pretty much everything. From making yourself literally god-like to maxing out your health and armor, the sky is the limit. Yet, you can not find one that gives you an infinite bank balance. However, we can rely on a particular GTA 5 money glitch in Story Mode to make some cash fast and efficiently.

Grand Theft Auto 5 Gta Online Bed
Steer clear from third-party cheats

Before we start, we want to warn you against using the GTA v story mode money cheat. Yes, they do exist, but the stakes are high. These programs are developed by third-party initiatives, which pretty sound like a big fat scam. So do steer away from the cheat option to keep both your account and personal information safe and sound. With that being said, let's check out two viable money glitches GTA 5 Story Mode that you can abuse to win!

GTA 5 Story Mode Money Glitches: the Briefcase Dive

This money glitch has been around in GTA 5 Story Mode forever, and it has not got patched yet! So, do go and abuse it immediately to make yourself a millionaire with no sweat. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to perform the glitch.

  • #1 Open the game (of course), and head straight to the Del Perro Beach and stand by the pier
  • #2 Swim out to one of the Seashark boats docking at the pier
  • #3 Go to the exact location in the Pacific Ocean as shown in the picture below
Location Briefcase
Here you will find the briefcase
  • #4 Dive straight down and you should find a briefcase containing $25,000 on the underwater structure. But do not pick it up just yet
  • #5 Go back to the surface, get your phone out, and create a new save file
  • #6 Now dive down and collect the money briefcase
Money Briefcase Gta5
Collect the briefcase for an instant $25,000 injection
  • #7 Go back up to the surface, then replace the previous save file with a new save
  • #8 Load the newly saved file, you should see your money vault has gone up by $25,000
  • #9 Wait for the game to load, then dive down again to collect the now-respawned briefcase for another easy $25,000. Hit the repeat button for as many times as you feel like it!

There you have it, a money glitch that still works in 2020. However, there have been reports from players who have problems finding the briefcase. In that regard, just mark the location of the underwater structure to get back to it, then move a little away. After that, you make a quick save of the game and load the saved file. Get back to the marked location and you should find the money briefcase there.

GTA 5 Story Mode Money Glitch Stock Market

The Stock Market is another possible place to look for your next millions in Grand Theft Auto V Story Mode. Rockstar Games intentionally links the GTA V stock market glitch to all instances of the game to replicate a real one. You will see the price jumping up and down as in real-life. If you know where to look, you can make GTA$2 billion without GTA 5 Story Mode money cheat pc. Here's how to do just that.

Making Money Methods Gta
Take advantage of the Stock Market

Stock Market Tips to Make You a Billionaire in GTA 5 Story Mode:

  • #1 Save Lester's assassination missions until last. Exclude the "Hotel Assassination" mission to save the four remaining quests until after you've completed the story so that you have more proceeds to invest in the Stock Market.
  • #2 Before "The Multi-Target Assassination", place all three characters' money in Debonaire (LCN). After you're done with the four corrupt jurors, this company's stocks will skyrocket. Wait a full day after the mission to double your investment.
Micheal Gta 5
Save your money to invest at the right time
  • #3 Invest in Redwood (LCN) immediately, The cigarette company is held down by your assassinations, resulting in a massive dip in the stocks. So, invest in them and wait a few days to make millions.
  • #4 Invest in Fruit (BAWSAQ) before "The Vice Assassination", then sell your shares for a 50 percent cash boost after the mission.
  • #5 Pour your savings in Facade (BAWSAQ), sleep for a day, and enjoy a tasty 30 percent injection.
Gta Stock Lcn
Also, pick the right company to place your money
  • #6 Invest in Vapid (BAWSAQ) immediately after completing '"The Bus Assassination". Sell your stocks a few days for a hefty cashback.
  • #7 Place your stash GoldCoast (LCN) before doing "The Construction Assassination". After you've taken out the company's sketchy boss, wait a few days for the business to boom and cash out. That's how you exploit the Stock Market for GTA 5 Story Mode money cheat PS4.
Gta 5 Stock Market
You can access the Stock Market via the Internet tab on your phone

Honorable Mention: There's another trick to abuse the game's stock market. Pour all your money into eCola, then take a drive-by around town to take out any competition by shooting down every Sprunk vending machine repeatedly. Remember to turn off Auto-Save. Go back home, wait for a few days, and check your investment. This GTA 5 Story Mode Money glitch PS3 is not as effective as the tips above, yet it still worths a try.

That's the end of our guide on GTA 5 Story Mode Money glitches. As shown above, there are possible ways in the game to make a fortune without touching any third-party cheats. You just have to know where to look and abuse some of the game's glitch. Do give these tricks above a try and see whether they work out for you. Visit our website at for more!