GTA 5 players are always able to spice up their gameplay with fantastic mods, from graphics overhauls to realism tones. However, we have a slew of quirky ones out there, which are just nothing else rather than plain funny stuff. Take a look at them now.

1) Vehicle Cannon

As its name suggested, this cannon pushes out a bunch of full-sized vehicles and adds quite a mayhem to the existing chaotic world of Los Santos. Vehicle Cannon just speaks for the unlimited creativeness of GTA 5’s modding community as they can come up with the most bizarre ideas to cause chaos in the game.

2) Animal Cannon

Oops, maybe you’re able to figure out what happens in this mod. Instead of four-door minivans, the cannon now shoots out a giant whale, shark, pig, deer, or something like that onto the streets – It’s the exact kind of screenplay when the wildlife takes over our city, isn’t it?

3) "My Leg" Spongebob

You might never know how many Spongebob lovers also get heart-melted by the crime-themed GTA 5, and that’s how this mod was made. ‘My Leg’ Spongebob simply extracts tons of sound effects and iconic voice lines from their beloved Nickelodeon show to Los Santos. Beyond doubt, this mod will never go wrong for those who fall in love with not only the GTA franchise but also Spongebob.

4) Mario Kart in GTA 5

This intriguing mod has made a crossover in quest of bridging GTA 5 to Mario Kart, one of the most popular video games so far. In a word, Mario Kart in GTA 5 enables players to elaborate Races in the Story Mode without having to get an Internet connection. Just pick a favorite map from a diverse pool of scenes and give it a try!

5) Pokemon GO in Los Santos

Trevor Phillips becomes a Pokemon trainer in this mod as players can guide him through every sinned corner of Los Santos to catch some rare Pokemons like what they might have done in the real life. Let’s get started and capture a Charizard on your own!

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