GTA Online lets its players become the mastermind of their own by doing heists, stealing cars, and storing them. However, the game still has a limit for the number of cars an individual can store.

With the game offering more and more new cars after each update, you need to make sure you have the best garage possible to gather all the new purchases. In case you have already had a garage but wants to change up for something better, take a look at our instruction on how to sell garage in GTA Online.

1. How many garages can you own in GTA Online?

The number of assets a player can have at once in GTA Online has increased time after time. Via several updates, the game has added various sorts of buildings for players to buy.

At the time of writing, the maximum number of garages you can own is 6. For CEO garages, the possession is limited to 3 garages at max.

Here's the number of certain properties one can claim in GTA Online:

  • Garages/Houses/Apartments: 6
  • CEO Garages: 3
Garage In Gta Online
You can own up to 6 properties in order to buy and exchange for new ones.

While the game offers a vast pool of options for garages, players usually get a cheap one to use for a short term. Then, they often find the way to sell their garage or exchange for a new one.

Grand Theft Auto Online garages are where you can keep your best trucks, bikes, cars, along with other vehicles. You can find different variants of them with different price tags across Los Santos. With clubhouses, offices, and other businesses, players can extend their capacity for storage beyond six properties. However, if you still want to change to a new garage, here’s how.

2. How to sell garage in GTA Online

Currently, there is no direct way to sell a property, including the garages, in GTA Online. If you want to sell a garage in GTA 5 Online, the only method to do this is buying a different property to replace it.

Garages and alternative locations can be swapped out when you have bought a new location. In case the new location’s price is higher than the one getting replaced, you will get a refund back into your account after selling the old construction.

In opposite, if the new location costs less, you will need to pay for this difference between these locations.

how to trade in a garage in gta 5
Trading is the only way to sell a garage in GTA Online right now.

Essentially, this offers a scheme for how to trade in a garage in GTA 5 and head for bigger rooms. Although it is not as direct and easy as selling a car, you will find that it’s more saving than individually selling and buying them. Do note that no business can be sold within Grand Theft Auto Online, only apartments and garages can be traded.

Note: Remember that you can only trade apartments and garages. The same does not go for businesses. Therefore, you should just ignore it if your motorcycle is not doing to well.

How to sell garage in GTA 5 Online without buying a new one

Unfortunately, GTA 5 Online players cannot sell a property in the game without getting a new one. They can only swap their garage for a different property like an apartment if they don't want to buy another garage.

Also, players need to own 6 properties in order to exchange a costly one for a cheaper one. The difference will be delivered to their account balance after the selling is complete.

3. How to sell property in GTA 5 Online

Selling a property in GTA Online is indeed a stage of purchasing properties. If you want to sell a building, follow these steps:

#1. Open the phone and go to the internet.

#2. Head to the Dynasty 8 Real Estate website. In case you do not see it on the main page, take a look under the “Money and Services” money.

Dysnaty 8
Dynasty 8 in GTA is the real estate agency where you can buy any property you need.

#3. Opt for a property from the provided listing to buy. To make the most money possible, choose the cheapest item on sale. The cheaper it is, the more profit you can gain from the difference of this building and the one you want to trade.

#4. As you are given a chance to pick which building to sell and make space for the new one, choose wisely and make up your mind on which one you want to sell.

Buy Property
Pick the property you want to trade from the list.

The cash will be sent to your account and the old building will no longer be available to access.

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