Larry Tupper is a Bail Bond target in GTA 5 that is easy to miss. You need to find this target to complete the Bail Bond mission. Check out GTA 5 Larry Tupper Location in the game and top must-know facts about this character here.

I. GTA V Larry Tupper Location On Map

Bail Bond is one of Maude Missions GTA 5 given by Maude that gives players a lot of rewards, especially cash rewards. Larry Tupper is one target in this Bail Bond mission.

You can find Larry Tupper GTA 5 in the southwest of Harmony. He hides near a barn on an unoccupied farm in Great Chaparral. You will have to engage in a gunfight outside the wooden house and play the character Trevor Philips to do the mission.

Gta V Larry Tupper Location
Mark the location of GTA V Larry Tupper and drive there to chase him down.

If GTA 5 Larry Tupper is not there, you might haven't completed all the objectives in this Maude mission.

Check out how to find Larry Tupper GTA 5 here.

  • Receive the email from Maude after completing the previous mission and hunting down the previous target.
  • Read and get information about the location of Larry Tupper in the mail.
  • Get a vehicle and head to the uninhabited farm in Great Chaparral.
  • Find the barn.
  • Take his goons down quickly.
  • Chase Larry Tupper down and make him surrender.

It's pretty easy to make Larry surrender to complete the quest. But you need to finish his goons as fast as possible. Don't waste your time battling them or Larry can escape while you are still busy fighting his gang.

Receive The Mail
You will receive the mail from Maude to have information about Larry Tupper's location on the map.

II. Facts About GTA V Larry Tupper

Larry Tupper is an easy target if you know where he is and how to catch him before he can escape. But you may miss this target easily. It's one of the top must-know facts about him. Here are some other facts you should know about Larry Tupper in GTA 5.

#1. Larry Tupper is a Meth dealer.

Meth dealing is a popular activity in Los Santos. Trevor Phillips and Larry Tupper are both involved in this industry. Maude also mentioned it in the email to you.

Bring Weapons
Bring a gun with you when getting to the location of Larry because you need to take down his goons.

#2. Larry has three goons.

Larry Tupper has a small gang to implement the Meth dealing with him. He has three goons to protect him and help him in his Meth business. In the Bail Bond mission, you need to take these goons down to hunt Larry.

#3. He has a history of violence

GTA 5 has a violence label. So, Larry Tupper is not the only character with a history of violence. This 28-year-old character is a Meth dealer, so he must have engaged in many fights with cops or opponents.

Larry Tupper
Larry Tupper has a violent history like many other Meth dealers in this game.

#4. Tupper used to have a deal with Trevor.

As both Trevor and Larry work in the Meth industry in Los Santos, it's not surprising when they used to have a deal. But then, Trevor is the character assigned to chase down Larry in the Bail Bond mission.

#5. Larry was hunted due to an accident.

Larry is hunted because he was caught producing meth in a trailer but it caught on fire accidentally. Then, the fire attracted the attention of the police. Then, they issued the arrest warrant to chase Larry down.

The Wooden Barn
He caused a fire while cooking Meth and attracted the attention of the police.

#6. You can choose to kill him.

In the mission of hunting Larry, players can choose to arrest him alive or kill him. If you can arrest this target alive, you turn him to Maude who will turn the target over to the police.

III. Bonus: GTA V Glenn Scoville Location

Like Larry Tupper, Scoville is also a Bail Bond target. Glenn Scoville can be found on Mount Chiliad. You need to bring a parachute with you. Then, you can use it to land safely when chasing Scoville down because he will jump off the mount while running and trying to escape from being chased.

If you want to bring him alive to turn him to Maude, you should drive a helicopter to the mount. Likewise, players need to drive a car to GTA 5 Larry Tupper Location to carry him back to Maude. You should use the car to bring him back and report the quest. Hunting is always one of the most interesting hidden missions in GTA 5.

Mount Chiliad
Mount Chiliad is the location of Glenn Scoville, so you need to bring a parachute with you.

The GTA 5 Larry Tupper Location on the map is not hard to find. But you need to have good combat skills to take down his guards and capture him.

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