Kortz Center GTA 5 is a famous art and entertainment museum. It's one of the real-life elements brought into this game. GTA 5 players can find many collectibles and do a couple of memorable missions in this museum. You will have some amazing experiences here. Let's check out where to find and which missions you will do in Kortz Center here.

I. Where Is The Kortz Center In GTA 5?

You can find the Kortz Center in the northwest of Los Santos - one of the two main cities of GTA 5 and GTA Online. It's on the Kortz Drive in Pacific Bluffs. You can access this center through the footpath from West Eclipse Boulevard.

Kortz Center has four large buildings, including:

  • Low Rotunda;
  • Bell Building;
  • Biranda Building;
  • Moseley Building.
Kortz Center Map
Kortz Center map location, a large museum in Kortz Drive in Pacific Bluffs

In addition, this art and entertainment museum also has four exhibitions:

  • Qing Dynasty Love is located in Low Rotunda Building. You can watch and enjoy the art exhibition about Wu Sangui and Kangxi Emperor.
  • Pharaoh's Riches takes place in Moseley Building. Visitors will take a tour through the Egyptian dynasties in this exhibition.
  • Liberty City Tales shows the small and big changes in the culture of Liberty City gangs from 1970 up to the present. It takes place in Bell Building.
  • Russian Literature shows you political changes in Europe. You can watch and enjoy this exhibition in Biranda Building.

Besides, there are many other things to visit in GTA 5 Kortz Center, such as sculptures, labyrinth, terraces, and gardens. This museum has a large area. So, you should visit and explore to understand every corner in Kortz Center in GTA 5 to complete missions faster and more easily. You can also use Kortz Center GTA 5 map location marks to show the shortest way to the target.

Kortz Center
This art and entertainment museum has many excellent exhibitions displayed in four large buildings.

II. GTA 5 Kortz Center Mission & Collectibles

Kortz Center is the main or sub-location in many memorable missions in GTA 5 and GTA Online. Moreover, it's also the location of many collectible items in this game.

#1. Missions In Kortz Center

Kortz Center is the location of many missions, jobs, and adventures in GTA 5 and GTA Online. You will do a GTA V mission and three GTA Online missions on the campus of this museum, including:

  • The Wrap Up in GTA V;
  • Art to Art Bike race in GTA Online;
  • Maze Deathmatch mission in GTA Online;
  • Kortz Survival mission in GTA Online.

In addition, Kortz Center is also the location in a Finance-and-Felony adventure named Special Cargo Steal Mission. You also do the after-hour mission Business Battle in this art museum. Fake News is another interesting Casino Work mission in Kortz Center.

The Wrap Up
Michael and Trevor will do and complete the mission named "The Wrap Up" in Kortz Center.

#2. Collectibles In Kortz Center

Kortz Center in GTA 5 and GTA Online also has many items to collect. Here are all collectible items and their exact locations in this treasure hunt location in GTA 5.

  • Letter scrap in GTA V is hidden inside the labyrinth.
  • The health pack in GTA V can be found on the second floor of the Low Rotunda building.
  • Radio Antenna in GTA Online is available to find and use on the northeast edge of the roof.

There are some other things and gadgets you can use around this museum, such as three ATMs for withdrawing cash and some eCola and Sprunk vending machines in the Low Rotunda building.

Letter Scrap
GTA 5 players will find a letter scrap in GTA V hidden inside the labyrinth on the campus of this museum.

#3. Kortz Center Bounty Location

GTA 5 has many bounty targets scattered in different areas on the map. Kortz Center is also a location of bounty target in this game. You can find the bounty target in the hedge maze in the Kortz Center garden. It's between Biranda Building and Moseley Building. You can make the entry from the north entrance.

Gta 5 Kortz Center Bounty Location
Kortz Center is also a location of bounty target in this game.

III. Kortz Center GTA 5 Real Life

Kortz Center's real-life model is the Getty Centre in Brentwood in Los Angeles. Getty Centre is also a large gallery museum that has many cultural and historical exhibitions. This real-life museum also has many large buildings with beautiful gardens, lakes, labyrinth, and terraces. You will find many similarities in the structures of Getty Centre and Kortz Center.

Those are all you need to know about Kortz Center GTA 5. Just visit and enjoy amazing exhibitions in this museum. Then, complete all missions and collect all required items here.

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