It is hard to go 3 minutes in GTA 5 without getting shot. Whether there are some trolls wanting to take over your personal vehicle or it’s some policemen who are angry at you for using a cargo bob to pick up their cruisers and drop them into the sea, you will have to know how to crouch in GTA 5 to survive.

However, to take cover in the game is not an easy task like standing behind a wall. Sneaking is an actual built-in mechanic that permits players to take cover behind the surroundings and fire safely. With this skill, you will also be able to blind fire over ledges or around the corners, giving you the chance to shoot without being aimed at.

Gta 5 How To Crouch
Here's a detailed guide on how to sneak in GTA 5 PC as well as other platforms.

How to crouch in GTA 5

How do you take cover in GTA 5? There are five steps you can follow to crouch in GTA V, and here we go:

1. Find an object you can crouch behind

The first thing you need to do is have something you can take cover behind. The cover system in GTA 5 means that any item you are near can work as a cover. However, don’t forget that some of them can be broken and you should not get too comfortable in only one position.

Corners, boxes, and cars can be seen everywhere in GTA 5. And these are among the best objects the player can take cover behind. Low walls are also recommended. Just remember to face the object that you want to be your cover.

Gta 5 Crouch
When crouching in GTA 5, remember to find some objects to sneak behind.

2. Crouch

While you are on cover, the character will crouch automatically to keep themselves hidden fully. However, if you still see them standing in a normal stance, you can hit some buttons to take cover.

For different platforms, there are different choices to take.

  • How to crouch in GTA 5 PC: Press Q
  • How to crouch in GTA 5 PS 4: Press R1
  • How to crouch in GTA 5 Xbox One: Press RB

The “Cover” buttons on each platform are different. If you are searching for how to crouch in GTA 5 on PC, you must press “Q”. If you are wondering about how to crouch in GTA 5 PS4, press the “R1”. For those who need to know how to crouch in GTA 5 Xbox 1, pressing RB will do the job.

Press Q
Press Q if you are using PC to play GTA 5.

3. Peek

Just crouching will not help you kill the enemies. Players have to peek in to know the whereabouts of the enemy.

If you are on PC, right-click on your mouse. If you are using the console, hold the left trigger. These are called “Aim” buttons. You will return to the crouching position when you release the Aim button.

This, despite letting you aim your weapon at opponents, can leave the enemy fire to hit you. That’s why you need to be cautious all the time. Just pop out of the cover, fire some shots, then duck back into cover again.

how to crouch in gta 5 ps4
When you peek to see the enemies, make sure you are safe from their bullets.

4. Fire away

In case you want to fire, left-click your mouse if you’re on PC or hold the right trigger if you’re on the console.

Players can shoot from the top of the cover or around the sides. Although this won’t expose your body or head in any way, it will be better to aim before shooting.

Fire Away
Never forget to reload when exposed and save reloading while in full cover.

5. Leave

The last step in either how to crouch in GTA 5 PC, Xbox One, or PS4, is to leave cover when you are done. To leave your cover, hit the Q, R1, or RB button again and the character will return to the normal stance.

While it may feel a bit awkward sometimes as the character tends to reorientate themselves to sneak behind cover, you will soon get used to it.

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Crouch mods in GTA 5

Apart from learning how to sneak in GTA 5 PC and other platforms, you can use mods like Stance - Crouch/Prone mod. It was created a few years ago by one of the most known modders in the GTA 5 community, JediJosh920. The mod adds a more varied range of tactical stances seen in FPS games.

The controls are also simple. Pressing the assigned keys will switch between standing and crouching. Meanwhile, holding on to it will make your character go prone. Pressing while moving will make your character perform a combat roll or dive.

Apart from GTA 5 car mods, the Stance mods were among the highest-rated and most downloaded in this game.

And that's how to crouch in GTA 5 Xbox One, PC, and PS4. Check out our host of other GTA 5 guides and GTA Online guides on!

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