Police Stations are an important part of GTA 5 as they take care of all mischief in the city and ensure the law enforcement of all. Also, they are the location where the player respawns after they are busted for any in-game crime. For anyone who wonders where is the Police Station in GTA 5 and how to get into this place, you have found just the right article.

How many police stations are there in GTA V?

There are 11 police stations in GTA 5. They are scattered throughout the city of Los Santos and Blain County in different locations.

For clearer display, these police stations will be categorized into three groups: Los Santos Police Department, shared stations (both within Los Santos County), and Blaine County police stations. Where is the police station in GTA 5? Check below for all locations & maps.

Police Station Gta V
Where can you find all police stations in GTA 5 and can you get in any of them?

Los Santos Police Department Police Stations

The following are every GTA 5 police station dedicated to the LSPD.

1. Mission Row Police Station

The first location on the list of GTA 5 police station is the Mission Row Police Station. It is touted as the main station in the game. This is the only police station in GTA that a player can enter. Little Bighorn Avenue, Vespucci Boulevard, Atlee Street, and Sinner Street mark Mission Row’s location.

See the picture below for GTA 5 Mission Row police station map.

where is the police station in gta 5
GTa 5 Mission Row Police Station map is a branch of the Los Santos Police Department.

2. La Mesa Police Station

La Mesa Police Station GTA 5 is a single-story building located on Popular Street, La Mesa, in Los Santos.

La Mesa Police Station
This is where you can find La Mesa Police Station GTA 5.

3. Vinewood Police Station

Next up is the Vinewood Police Station location. You can find it at the corner of Elgin Avenue and Vinewood Boulevard.

Vinewood Police Station
Vinewood Police Station location is between Elgin Avenue and Vinewood Boulevard.

4. Vespucci Police Station

It seems that Los Santos Police Department police stations are most popular among players. You can find Vespucci with the South Los Santos Police Station GTA 5 map location keyword. It is marked by South Rockford Drive, Vespucci Boulevard, and San Andreas Avenue.

south los santos police station gta 5 map location
Vespucci Police Station is in South Rockford Drive, Vespucci Boulevard, and San Andreas Avenue.

5. Vespucci Beach Police Station

Last but not least, another GTA 5 police station in this category is Vespucci Beach. It is located on Vespucci Beach as the name has already stated.

Vespucci Beach Police Station is among the smallest police stations in the game.

6. Beaver Bush Ranger Station

Despite not being a police station, this outpost of the ranger is still worth mentioning regarding the “Where is the police station in GTA 5” question. The Beaver Bush Ranger Station is located at Marlow Drive and Baytree Canyon Road.

Beaver Bush Ranger Station
This 2-story building hosts a ranger overlooking the park.

Shared GTA 5 Police Stations

The second part of our GTA 5 police station list focuses on those that the LSPD shared formally with the Los Santos International Airport (LSIA) or the National Office of Security Enforcement (N.O.O.S.E.).

1. Del Perro Police Station

Alongside Vespucci Beach Police Station, this is the smallest police station in the game. You can spot it on Del Perro Pier street.

Del Perro Police Station
Where is the Police Station in GTA 5? Del Perro Police Station location is inspired by the real-life Santa Monica Pier.

2. Rockford Hills Police Station

Although this station is not marked whatsoever, it works as a spawn point when you are busted. LSPD officers can also be seen near it. The station is connected to Rockford Hills City Hall, on the corner of Abe Milton Parkway and Eastbourne Way. Players can also detect it as a location near Rockford Hills Fire Station.

Rockford Hills Police Station
Rockford Hills Police Station is close to Rockford Hills Fire Station.

3. Davis Sheriff’s Station

You can find the Davis Sheriff’s Station on Innocence Boulevard in Davis City. While the sign says Los Santos County Sheriff, you will still see LSPD units around the place.

Davis Sheriffs Station
LSPD police officers will be around this police station.

Blaine County GTA V Police Stations

The last two police station locations in GTA 5 are in the Blaine County. They are still under Los Santos jurisdiction although they are separated from the county.

1. Sandy Shores Sheriff’s Station

Found on Alhambra Drive in Sandy Shores, this police station is in the same construction as Sandy Shores Medical Center.

Sandy Shores Sheriffs Station
Where is the Police Station in GTA 5? Head to Sandy Shores to find this sheriff's station.

2. Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office

Players can find Sheriff’s Office at the intersection of Route 1 and Paleto Boulevard in Paleto Bay.

Paleto Bay Sheriffs Office
The last cop station is Paleto Bay Sheriff’s Office.

How To Get In The Police Station In GTA 5

You cannot get in all police stations in the game. However, there are still some ways if you really aspire to roam around a bit in the place (apart from being a cop in GTA 5).

During heists, you can use the terrace or back door of the station to get inside a GTA 5 police station. First off, players need to get to the back of the police station and enter it through the parking lot there. Simply park the car of choice, like a customization car, in the slot. Make sure the gap between the wall, you, and the car is big just enough for you to get between.

Once you have set up the car in the most comfortable manner for the getaway later, head to the back of your car and sprint jump into the gap. Try to land near the door and push yourself towards it. After a split second, you will realize you have been inside the police station and can freely walk in there.

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