Stunt jumps in GTA 5 and GTA Online are collectible hidden ramps that let you do slow-motion jumps with your vehicles. Check out all GTA 5 stunt jump locations here.

Gta 5 All Stunt Jump Location Map
GTA 5 stunt jump maps

I. GTA 5 Stunt Jump Locations

There are 50 locations of stunt jumps in five regions in two cities of GTA 5 and GTA Online. Here are all locations of stunt jumps in Blain County and Los Santos and route description.

#1. Stunt jump locations in North Blaine County

There are five stunt jump locations in North Blain County. Check out the full GTA 5 Stunt Jump guide at these locations here.

  • Paleto Bay: Find a small ramp of dirt and complete the jump by landing in the parking lot.
  • Near the parachute pier: go to the west shore and find a broken wooden bridge.
  • Stunt jump location in “Mr. Philips” mission: go left to take a short and jump.
  • Raton Canyon: get to the south of the 4 parachute spots, find a ramp and turn left to cross the gap, then you will land on the opposite side of the trail.
  • Mount Gordo: grab a bike in the large house and go through the barrier, then jump off the mountain cliff. You need to land near the lighthouse.
Stunt Jump In Paleto Bay
The stunt jump in Paleto Bay.

#2. Stunt jump locations in South Blaine County

South Blaine County also has five locations of stunt jumps.

  • North of the motel in Sandy Shores: hit the ramp with a fast bike.
  • On the road to the small building in the south of the Sandy Shore airport.
  • South of Bolingbroke Penitentiary, on the mountain cliff that overlooks the south of the prison.
  • Drive to the upper road in the south of Senora Freeway, turn left and enter the dirt to hit the ramp and jump.
  • Head to the end of the wind farm facing west, find a central windmill with a ramp. Turn left and head over the train.
Sandy Shores
Head to Sandy Shores stunt jump location.

#3. Stunt jump locations in North Los Santos

Los Santos is a large city in GTA 5 and GTA Online where you do a lot of missions. You can find 17 GTA 5 stunt jump locations in the North of this city.

  • Vinewood Hills: drive down the steep hill on Mt. Haan Drive and head to the north of the road, then jump over it with a sports car or standard sedan.
  • Mad Wayne Thunder Dr. has a house with the barriers on the right, hit through them and complete the stunt jumps.
  • Los Santos Golf Course: find the small bridge in the southeast corner and jump over it.
  • Rockford Hills: you can find a ramp in the subway entrance.
  • The large building at the corner of Boulevard Del Perro and Milton Rd.
  • Rockford Plaza in the west of Atla St. has another ramp.
  • The Jetty building in Del Perro Beach is another location for stunt jump.
  • Bay City Ave also has a ramp.
  • Del Perro freeway has another ramp to do the stunt jump in GTA 5.
  • In the north of Arcadius building on the Del Perro overpass that faces the west.
  • Elgin Ave, turn right at the Pillbox hospital entrance to find the ramp.
  • The circular overpass of Del Perro highway has a metal ramp.
  • Use the red parking building roof at Pillbox hill as a ramp for the stunt jump.
  • Drive through the break at Vespucci Blvd. and Power St. intersection.
  • Find the pagoda jump at Decker St. in Little Seoul.
  • Smash through barriers near the Weazel news building on Calias Ave.
  • Find the parking garage ramp between the Wisdahl Hotel and the Ammu-nation on Elgin Ave.
Vinewood Hills
Vinewood Hills area has some stunt jump spots.

#4. Stunt jump locations in Southwest Los Santos

After completing stunt jumps in North Los Santos, you continue to find eight GTA 5 stunt jump locations in Southwest Los Santos.

  • La Puerta freeway, head south to find a sheet metal ramp at the highest section of the road.
  • La Puerta freeway has another sheet metal ramp at the intersection.
  • Dutch London St. has a train bridge. You drive under it to reach a small ramp.
  • Maze arena has an aqueduct in the north. Use Franklin’s skill to hit the ramp faster and jump.
  • You can find an easy ramp in the Construction Site in Paleto Bay.
  • There is another simple ramp in the south of the parking lot at the airport.
  • Find a small parking lot with an upwards ramp.
  • The airport runway entrance has another small ramp to jump.
Maze Arena
Maze Bank Arena is also a location for stunt jump.

#5. Stunt jump locations in Southeast Los Santos

There are 15 stunt jump locations in Southeast Los Santos.

  • Go to the top cliff at the oil field and scrapyard, find a ramp near the pipe.
  • Find the green Adam Apple's Boulevard ramp in the boat shop in Little Big Horn Ave.
  • Complete the stunt jump in the west of the dockyard.
  • In the parking garage at the corner of the train tracks and MacDonald St., drive to the top floor.
  • Find the ramp in the south of the top floor on the 3-story garage in the Medical Center.
  • In the Chum St. plant, jump in the pile of dirt near the parking lot.
  • Jump in the trailer ramp and land in Bristol’s Coke Storage.
  • After the previous jump, head north to find another ramp to jump in the same place.
  • Then, find the next ramp in the east of the previous jump in this location. Bristol’s Coke Storage has several jump locations.
  • Another ramp in this place will launch you to the freeway above it.
  • Next, go to the ramp in front of the Walker Logistics in the dock.
  • Then, head to the north end of the dock to find another ramp to the east of the dockyard.
  • From the dock, head northeast to find the ramp between Elysian Fields Highway and the train tracks.
  • Next, find the way to the large ship at the dock and jump over water from the concrete ramp at the terminal.
  • From the terminal, turn left and head south to jump at the dirt pile ramp near blue containers.
Adam Apples Boulevard Ramp
Adam Apple's Boulevard ramp is the best stunt jump location.

Those are all 50 GTA 5 stunt jump locations. Together with GTA 5 shipwreck locations, these places for stunt jump are always among the most visited locations in the game.

To not miss any spot, you should complete all stunt jumps in one area before moving to the next location. You can also use GTA 5 interactive map to know the exact place to head for.

II. Common Q&A

To understand more about stunt jumps in GTA 5 and GTA Online, check out these common questions.

1. What happens when you do all 50 stunt jumps in GTA 5?

GTA 5 players will get the "Show Off" trophy and achievement for 100% game completion after completing all 50 stunt jumps in this game.

2. Where is the best stunt jump in GTA 5?

Bristol’s Coke Storage is the best stunt jump location in GTA 5 because you can find several ramps and trailers here. Adam Apple's Boulevard is also a great stunt jump in this game.

3. How to complete stunt jumps?

To complete a stunt jump in GTA 5, you have to land on the required spot. To land safely with all wheels on the ground, you need to use Left Analog Stick to adjust the vehicle in the air.

Below is a video on GTA V stunt jump speedrun for vivid illustration.

Those are all stunt GTA Online and GTA 5 stunt jump locations you need to complete. Try to complete all stunt jumps in this game to get the trophy.

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