Exploring maps and secrets in RPGs like GTA Vice City is very interesting and addictive. There are many GTA Vice City hidden packages with various rewards. Check out all locations and rewards from hidden packages in GTA Vice City here.

I. Locations Of GTA Vice City Hidden Packages With Screenshot

There are 100 packages hidden in different places on the map of GTA Vice City. You need to find and pick up these hidden packages in this game to complete the exploration task of the game.

There is no GTA Vice City hidden packages finder tool for you to use, but you can scan these locations of hidden packages to collect all of them. Here is the picture of all 100 hidden packages in GTA Vice City for your reference. We also include the screenshot for each place later.

Gta Vice City Hidden Packages Map
GTA Vice City map of hidden packages with screenshot.

Hidden packages in the game are categorized in several places. Each place contain a different number of packages. These hidden packages are scattered randomly around these areas. You need to check their locations on the map, mark it in the in-game map, and head to the exact spot. Then, look around and check that location carefully.

Also note that the hidden package in GTA Vice City is in green color. Sometimes, it's easy to miss these items. Below are all GTA Vice City hidden packages pictures in each location.

  • Ocean Beach

There are nine hidden packages in Ocean Beach, marked with the star symbols in the screenshot.

Ocean Beach
Nine locations of hidden packages.
  • Washington Beach

There are 11 packages you can find around Washington beach.

Gta Vice City Washington Beach
Locations of hidden packages are marked by yellow stars.
  • Vice Point

This location has up to 20 packages.

Vice Point
Get to these marked spots to find all packages in Vice Point.
  • Prawn Island

You can find 5 packages on Prawn Island.

Prawn Island
Five packages on Prawn Island are very easy to find.
  • Leaf Links

Leaf Links also has 5 GTA Vice City hidden packages.

Leaf Links
You can find 5 packages in Leaf Links.
  • Starfish Island

Players can also find 5 packages on this Starfish island.

Starfish Island
Five locations of packages in Starfish Island.
  • Downtown

The Downtown in GTA Vice City has 7 hidden packages for you to find.

Downtown Map
Locations of packages around the area of Downtown.
  • Little Haiti

There are 7 hidden packages in Little Haiti.

Little Haiti
Locations of packages in Little Haiti.
  • Little Havana

Little Havana has 8 hidden packages.

Little Havana
8 locations in Little Havana.
  • Viceport

You can find 9 packages in this port.

9 packages around Viceport.
  • Escobar International Airport

Try to find all 14 hidden packages at the Escobar International Airport. This place has a high density of packages, so you may want to visit it first.

Escobar International Airport
Escobar International Airport has 14 hidden packages.

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II. GTA Vice City Hidden Packages Rewards

When you collect a hidden package, you will get $100 in-game money rewards. If you collect enough 100 packages, you can earn up to $10,000. It's a huge sum of money in this game.

Besides, players in GTA Vice City will also be rewarded with several rewards and weapons when picking up a certain amount of hidden packages in this game. These weapons will spawn later in the Ocean View Hotel, the Vercetti Estate, and the Hyman Condo.

Helicopter Rewards
When you collect a hidden package, you will get a lot of rewards, including helicopters and weapons.

#1. Rewards In Ocean View Hotel

Here are all rewards for different milestones of collection. These rewards will be shown in different locations then. Rewards spawned in Ocean View Hotel or Starfish Island Mansion include:

  • Body Armor: collect 10 packages.
  • Chainsaw: collect 20 packages.
  • Colt Python: collect 30 packages.
  • Flamethrower: collect 40 hidden packages.
  • Combat Sniper: collect 50 hidden packages.
  • Minigun: collect 60 hidden packages.
  • Rocket Launcher: collect 70 hidden packages.
Rocket Launcher
You can get a Rocket Launcher when you collect enough 70 hidden packages.

#2. Rewards In Starfish Island Mansion Helipad

There is a reward shown on the Starfish Island Mansion Helipad. It's the Sea Sparrow that will spawn on the rear side of the Vercetti Estate. You need to collect 80 hidden packages to get this vehicle.

#3. Rewards in Fort Baxter Air Base

There are two rewards spawning in the Fort Baxter Air Base, including:

  • Rhino: collect 90 hidden packages.
  • Hunter: collect all 100 GTA Vice City hidden packages. This helicopter in GTA Vice City will spawn on the helipad next to Lance Vance's house in Ocean Beach and the Fort Baxter Air Base.
Hunter Gta Vice City
After collecting enough 100 hidden packages, you will get a big reward, including the helicopter Hunter.

In summary, you will get GTA$100,000 along with appealing items as the Hunter helicopter without using GTA Vice City cheats after picking up all 100 packages. Explore all locations of GTA Vice City hidden packages to get all these rewards.

III. How To Get All Hidden Packages In Vice City In One Place

To get all GTA Vice City hidden packages in one place, you need to know the exact number of items you need to collect in that area. Then, you can count how many items are left to collect.

Next, you get to the location of hidden packages and explore all corners to find hidden items if you want to experience the game and win the challenge by yourself.

Find Hidden Packages In Gta Vice City
Look around and check out the hidden corners to find these items.

If you want to solve the problem quickly to get all rewards, you can see the guide for GTA Vice City hidden packages with pictures of other players who have explored and found out all packages.

Many players make tutorial videos on YouTube or make the GTA Vice City map of hidden packages with screenshots to show other players where to get these items. You can learn from them.

Those are all locations and rewards for collecting GTA Vice City hidden packages. Start to explore and gather these items to get attractive rewards now.

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