GTA Vice City is an action-adventure game which revolves around the life of mobster Tommy Vercetti on his rise to power after being released from prison. In the game, players would experience almost every activity of an underground world and making money is an indispensable part. That's why everyone loves GTA vice city cheats for money when they can become a millionaire and buy anything they wish in this game. Let's check out how to get unlimited money in GTA Vice City here.

Is GTA Vice City Cheats For Money Available?

Money is always one of the most-wished things in all GTA games, including GTA Vice City. Therefore, GTA Vice City cheat codes for money are among the hottest keywords on searching.

Gta Vice City Money
GTA Vice City players can buy a lot of assets when having unlimited money.

Frankly, there is no cheat code that gives a player unlimited money directly in this game. Instead, people can use the code "PANZER" to spawn a military tank then do the Vigilante Missions to make money in GTA Vice City. Here are steps to earn money with this trick:

  • Spawn a military tank with the code "PANZER".
  • Start the Vigilante Missions.
  • Leave the tank and flee away with a vehicle.
  • Clear all targets with the code "BIGBANG"
  • Spawn other tanks and repeat this process to earn more money.
Vigilante Missions
You can repeatedly do the Vigilante Missions to earn more money in GTA Vice City.

This is the fastest and most profitable way to earn money from cheat codes in this interesting game.

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How To Earn GTA Vice City Money?

In fact, GTA Vice City has some alternative tricks for players to increase the sum of money they can earn in this game. However, you need to work to earn money. The creators of this game allow players to use almost all methods to earn money like in other versions of Grand Theft Auto. If you don't know these methods, let's learn how to earn money in GTA Vice City.

Gta Vice City Money Cheat
There are many ways to earn money and get rich in GTA Vice City, from investing to robbing.

#1. Assets

You can purchase assets in this game to make more money. However, you need to complete the main quest Shakedown to have money and permission to buy assets in this game. Then, you can take on more missions to earn more cash from those assets.

Invest In Gta Vice City
Players can purchase assets in this game, such as buildings and markets to do missions and make more money.

The more assets you have, the more money you can earn. Besides, you won't lose your cash when you die or get bankrupted. That's why it's one of the best ways to earn unlimited money in GTA Vice City mobile and PC.

#2. Endurance Races

Another way to earn a great sum of money in this role-playing game is by winning endurance races. This race is an interesting activity in the side quest option. But you need to have purchased Sunshine Autos asset to join this race. Once you win the race, you will get $40,000 instantly to your wallet.

Endurance Races
You can also earn a great sum of money by winning endurance races and rinse to race again.

Moreover, players can rinse and play it again to earn more money. However, you need to improve your driving skills because your opponents are sharp AI drivers with wonderful speed and skills. But you can bypass if you understand the map by heart.

#3. Rob A Store

Robbing is one of the most popular ways to earn money in GTA games. You can get a small sum of money when robbing a store or bank. However, it's pretty risky because you can be caught by police officers. You can rob the Clothes Shop or a store near a Pay and Spray site. Robbing stores is less profitable but less risky than robbing banks in all GTA games.

Rob A Store
Robbing is one of the most popular ways to earn money in GTA games, such as GTA Vice City.

#4. Drive Bus/Taxi

Many players also drive buses or taxis to earn more cash in GTA Vice City. It's more interesting if you play with real players because you can communicate with them. But it's pretty boring when playing with NPCs. Moreover, driving a taxi or bus is a less profitable way to earn cash in this game. You can get cash very slowly but it's still possible than going to find GTA vice city cheats for money.

Drive A Bus
Many players also drive buses or taxis to earn more cash in GTA Vice City.

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How Do You Get A Lamborghini In GTA Vice City?

Lamborghini is often an expensive car in real life and GTA games, including GTA Vice City. It looks cool and very strong. Therefore, you need to pay a lot of money to purchase this supercar. Here are the best locations to get a Lamborghini in this game.

Lamborghini Vice City
There are many Lamborghini cars spawned around Vice City.
  • There is a Lamborghini parked in front of the mansion of Mr. Coke, also known as Ricardo Diaz. He is also the owner of this car. Then, this white car belongs to Tommy. Diaz's Mansion is located in the South of Starfish Island in Vice City. Then, Tommy also takes on this mansion with three cars or four motorcycles in the garage.
  • You can find another supercar in the North Point Mall in the North of this city. The car is parked inside this 2-story mall. But you cannot drive this supercar. From North Point Mall, you can go around to find the car park. There is a Lamborghini there.
North Point Mall
You can find two Lamborghini cars around North Point Mall.
  • Sometimes, you also see many Lamborghini cars passing by you when roaming on the city. You can also rob a car if it stops in front of you.
  • Another way to have a Lamborghini is by installing mods. There are many vehicle mods that let you get this supercar easily.

Those are all the best ways to earn money without GTA vice city cheats for money. You cannot find any cheat codes for money in this game now.

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