Although being released for nearly two decades, GTA Vice City is still one of the popular titles in the open-world genre. Just like other installments of Rockstar’s GTA franchise, GTA Vice City has so many cheat codes to give you advanced features and make the game easier to complete. If you’re looking for GTA Vice City cheats helicopter to spawn one amid the game, keep scrolling down to the next part of the article to get the latest cheats code available in Vice City.

Gta Vice City Cheats Helicopter
GTA Vice City cheats helicopter is a helpful code for every player to conquer the style

About GTA Vice City

Following the success of GTA first installment in 1997, in 2002, RockStar released another title called GTA: Vice City. The game revolves around the story of Tommy Vercetti, a rising gangster who tries to take down the reigning boss and carves his own niche in the city. Apart from stealing cars and dominating the streets, Tommy’s missions also include taking control of the space with aircraft.

In Vice City, players can get access to a helicopter from a Helipad. There are so many helipads on the map and the most famous is the one in Hyman Condo. However, if you want to skip the progress to spawn a helicopter right in the middle of the street, you might need to use a helicopter cheat code. Just like many other vehicle cheat codes in GTA, GTA Vice City cheats helicopter code is available in-game can save you much effort and make the mission easier to be conquered.

Gta Vice City Cheats Helicopter 2
By entering the code, you can get the army helicopter everywhere on the map without going to the Helipad

What is GTA cheat codes and how to use them?

In case you're still in doubt about is it legal to, it is completely acceptable in games open-world games like in GTA franchise as. Although cheating in-game sounds to be not a great idea, it turns out to be not really a big deal in an adventure game when you have no one to compete with. As not every player is patient enough to go through all the missions on their own, using cheat codes revealed by Rockstar themselves can make the game less challenging and save time for the next tiles.

Therefore, you can use any cheat codes you need without worrying about being banned from the game like in other games. However, there will be a few things about the GTA Vice City cheats that you should be aware!

In fact, it’s super easy to use any cheat codes in GTA Vice City and other games of the franchise. No MOD is required. All you need to do is to enter the code straight away whenever you need to spawn the vehicle or need some support. While it’s effortless to deploy a helicopter with cheat codes, there is a crucial rule to keep in mind that you should never save the game while the cheat code is on. Otherwise, you might face some serious problems and mess up with the whole thing.

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Gta Vice City Cheats Helicopter 3
However, it's better to use the code in a big space instead of a small street because of the helicopter size

GTA Vice City Cheats Helicopter


This GTA Vice City cheat codes army helicopter is the favorite code of so many players. After entering the code, you will immediately see Hunter, a military helicopter spawning from the sky and now you’re ready to take over the airspace. Due to its size, you’d better apply the code only on a big street or large area.

FLYINGWAYS - Spawn Aeroplane

Apart from the GTA Vice City cheats Helicopter code, in case you’re in need of an Aeroplane, go with the above code right away to get it whenever you are.

GTA Vice City Vehicle Cheats

In addition to GTA Vice City Cheats Helicopter code, here are some of the most popular and useful cheat codes in GTA Vice City that every player should take note of:

  • PANZER Spawn a tank
  • GETTHEREQUICKLY Spawn a fast Bloodring Banger
  • RAVELINSTYLE Spawn a Bloodring Banger
  • RUBBISHCAR Spawn a garbage truck
  • THELASTRIDE Spawn Romero's hearse
  • ROCKANDROLLCAR Spawn a limo
  • GETTHEREFAST Spawn a Sabre Turbo

Above is the GTA Vice City Cheats Helicopter as well as some other vehicle cheats codes you can use to deploy a helicopter and another one for the Aeroplane. This is also the GTA Vice City cheats helicopter PSP a console player can make use of. In addition to that, do not forget to visit our website for more interesting guidelines, tips, and tricks to conquer the GTA series as well as other PC/Console games.

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