Just like many other countries in the world, India is witnessing a massive bloom of the gaming industry with more and more titles to be released, crores of players of all ages and many famous gaming influencers. Among various media channels and streaming platforms, Youtube turns out to be the most suitable and convenient places for Indian streamers to reach out to their players.

Among the list of top 10 gaming YouTubers in India 2020, there are many pro players who are well-heard not only in the nation but also across the world. Keep scrolling down to see who they are!

Top 10 Gaming YouTubers In India 2020
Top 10 Gaming YouTubers In India 2020

10. The Rawknee Games

  • 0,22 crore subscribers

The first gaming Youtuber to get on the list is also a PUBG Mobile player. In fact, apart from working as a streamer, Rawknee is also a content creator with another channel called The Rawknee Show. In

9. sc0ut

  • 0,32 crore subscribers

Although being known as a PUBG Mobile pro player more than a gaming influencer, Sc0ut still ends up in the list of most famous streamers in India with 0,32 crore subscribers. After the ban of PUBG Mobile in India, he is seen streaming COD Mobile.

8. Gyan Gaming

  • 0,58 crore subscribers

Being well known for his nickname GyanSujan, the owner of the Gyan Gaming channel managed to collect more than half a crore followers after his three-year journey of game streaming. He accounts for the 7th position in the top 10 gaming Youtubers in India 2020.


  • 0,65 crore subscribers

This Youtube channel belongs to two players Jash Dhokha and Ritik Jain. The pair focused on streaming popular games like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. In addition to that, they also gain crores of views for making viral videos. Check out a video of them as follow:

6. Mortal

  • 0,62 crore subscribers

Apart from being a core member of the PUBG Mobile pro team SouL, Mortal is also a significant gaming Youtuber of India with 0,62 crore followers and 73,8 crore views on his Youtube channel. After PUBG Mobile is no longer available in India, the streamer moved on with games like COD Mobile, Valorant and Among Us.

5. Lokesh gamer

  • 0,63 crore followers

Despite not being pro players like many other Indian gaming Youtubers, channel Lokesh Gamer still ranks up to crores of views and followers for making viral videos. In fact, the streamer has a reputation for sparing money on in-game events which make him so popular in the Indian gaming community.

4. Desi Gamers

  • 0,7 crore subscribers

Thanks to the rise of battle royale games like PUBG Mobile or Free Fire, game streaming turns out to be a promised land to many players including Desi Gamer. Having a reputation for being a pro Free Fire player and streamer, Amit Sharma (also known as Kroten Gaming) has carved his niche as one of top 10 gaming YouTuber in India 2020 with 0,7 crore subscribers and more than 52 crore views in total.

3. Carryislive

  • 0,82 crore subscribers

Hailed from Faridabad, India, Ajey Naga (also known as Carry Minati) is the founder of the 0,82-crore-follower Youtube channel Carryislive. Just like many other gaming YouTubers, he has a reputation for extraordinary skills in both mobile and PC games like GTA 5, Apex Legends, and many others.

2. Dynamo Gaming

  • 0,9 crore subscriber

Another big gaming influencer and Youtuber creator of India is Aadi “Dynamo” Sawant who is popular for his Youtube channel Dynamo Gaming. He started his gaming streaming career years ago but it was not until the hype of PUBG Mobile in India that his channel took a quantum leap.

1. Total Gaming

  • 1,7 crore subscribers

With more than 1,7 crore subscribers, Total Gaming is undoubtedly the most followed gaming influencer in India. The streamer and pro player whose real name is Ajju Bhai marked his Youtube debut in 2018. It only took him two years to soar into the no.1 position in the top 10 gaming Youtuber in India 2020. He is known for streaming various games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, GTA 5, and Minecraft.

Above are the top 10 gaming YouTubers in India 2020 you might be interested in. Do not forget to visit our website Gurugamer.com for more interesting news about games and entertainment!

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