While many people still think that video games are the industry of just male players, there are many female gamers and streamers who have been dominating the gaming world with huge fan bases and racking up cash every then and now. Being the most popular game streaming platform, Twitch is still the best place for female streamers to be shot to fame. Today, let’s take a look at top female streamers on Twitch who earned the most money from streaming over the past year.

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Twitch streamer Pokimane

1. Pokimane

Being well-known as the most popular female Twitch streamer who have a huge fanbase in the US and many other countries around the world, Pokimane has been going non-stop in 2020 with a whopping 63 lakh followers on Twitch. By earning $550,060 by October 2020, she is not only the most-followed but also the highest-earning female streamer ever.

Pokimane is no doubt the most successful (and controversial) female game influencer on Twitch. Despite not being a skillful and experienced gamer, the streamer managed to top the list thanks to her adorable appearance and the collaboration with many other famous streamers. Most of her income comes from subscriptions, donations and ads.

2. Amouranth

Describing herself as a streamer and cosplayer, Amouranth soared into fame and gained lakhs of followers constantly thanks to her boldness and seductiveness. The streamer who never shies away from showing off her curves on Livestream videos earned $384,599 from just Twitch itself, not to mention other platforms like OnlyFan or others.

If you are curious about why she is so hot, check out some of the boldest look to know the reason why!


3. LilyPichu

Unlike most Twitch female streamers who try to strip off their clothes to get more views and donations, LilyPichu is an offbeat streamer and content creator who gains lakhs of subscribers mostly because of her unique voice. She also gains the attention of otaku (Pajanese anime’s fan). Despite being quite popular on Twitch, it was not only after the break out of Among Us in the middle of the year that LilyPichu took a leap in her reputation as well as income. In 2020, she has earned $339,354 so far.

Apart from the 3 highest-earning female streamers, here is the full list of 10 girls who have the best income from Twitch. The figure is provided by Saving Spot.

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