Corpse Husband has just revealed on Twitter that his YouTube channel has earned up to 50 lakh subscribers within a few recent months. No need to say, his fans have flooded his account to send congratulations to him.

Corpse Husband
Corpse Husband reaches 50 lakh YouTube subscribers.

The great luck has smiled at this YouTuber since he started to team up with some popular content creators to play Among Us. For those unknown, Corpse Husband has gained a lot of attention on the Internet due to his special and deep voice.

This YouTuber didn’t hide his surprise and happiness when his channel could reach 50 lakh subscribers in such a short time. He also asserted that he “will keep trying my absolute best”. His post immediately rocked the Internet, and fans have sent countless congratulations to him.

There has been a considerable increase in his popularity in recent months. It worth mentioning that until now, no one knows his real face. Although the netizens always feel curious about his identity, Corpse Husband seemingly doesn’t plan to reveal his face, at least at present. Back in October, he followed the trend “hand reveal” and showed his left hand to the netizens.

Corpse Husband always knows how to draw the attention of the netizens. That’s true. Not long before, he made a Twitter post to reveal his hand-writing, and immediately flooded fans. It is obvious that Twitter has become a very helpful tool to conquer fans in the world.

While his secondary YouTube channel successfully hits 50 lakh subscribers, his two-month-old gaming account on this platform, CORPSE Husband Gaming & Clips, has developed impressively with about 937k subscribers.

Furthermore, this YouTuber has received lots of support from his colleagues. MrBeast believes that Corpse Husband will earn 10 crore subscribers in the future.

Some wonder why the number of his subscribers could increase to such a surprising number in a short time. His career as a singer on Spotify is an undeniable contribution; however, his sudden growth is actually unbelievable.

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