After two years of its release, PUBG Mobile has kept raising the temperature, even become more popular in the gaming community. Besides the global version, PUBG Mobile has another version called Game For Peace that is developed for players in China and has attracted millions of daily players. Apart from popular pro players, the PUBG Mobile streaming community has welcome a lot of beautiful girls with a huge number of fans. Now, let’s check out the following list of the most beautiful PUBG Mobile streamers in China!

Ai Meng

Ai Meng or Ji Linghun Ai Meng was born in 1997 in Wuhan, Hubei, China. She now works as a streamer on the KuaiShou platform. Like many other Chinese girls, Ai Meng has a naïve and pure appearance, white skin, and a slim body.

Ai Meng

What makes Ai Meng different from other streamers comes from the fact that this girl in real life turns out to be more beautiful than she in live streams.

Ai Meng 1

Ai Meng 2

Baozi A

Baozi A is now a streamer on HuYa. Although she is just a newbie, her channel has attracted more than 148k followers while her Weibo channel has 158k followers. These figures have kept increasing day by day.

Baozi A 3

Baozi A stands 1.65m tall and has an outstanding appearance; therefore, it’s not surprising that the female streamer always draws all attention from people surrounding her. Additionally, her warm voice is also one of her big advantages to win the hearts on the Internet. And that’s why her streaming channel has daily welcome countless new members.

Baozi A

Baozi A 1

Baozi A 4

Rou Rou

Rou Rou or Xiao Baoge was born in 2002 in China. Despite her young age, this streamer has rapidly drawn a lot of attention on the Internet due to her beautiful appearance and good ability to play games.

Rou Rou

Regardless of her age, Rou Rou has become as popular as senior streamers when it comes to beauty and fame. Her Weibo account now has more than 174k followers. She reveals that she wants to focus more on developing her gaming skills in the upcoming time.

Rou Rou 1

Rou Rou 2

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