Chance brought together two Free Fire players, and this story has thrilled a lot of people. On the one hand, THG NOÉ, a famous Free Fire pro-player; on the other, Gui, an 11-year-old boy who helps his father gather cans to keep the house.

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The boy ended up playing with THG while he was streaming, and his humility impressed the pro. Gui didn't know he was playing with someone so famous and told him that his dream was to get a thousand diamonds (Free Fire's in-game currency).

During the Free Fire match, THG NOÉ asked his followers to help with the donation and managed to send the thousand diamonds to the boy, which is the currency of the game. Upon realizing that he had been gifted, Guilherme was thrilled and thanked the pro-player.

Free Fire Streamer Donated
THG NOÉ burst into tears after the boy said that he offered to collect cans to pay him back 500 diamonds.

"Oh no, bro, I'm going to cry! God bless you, you will win in life. A thousand diamonds appeared in my account, you sent me. Do you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to do it just like you. I'm going to create a channel and I’ll try, right ?! I put a can to help my father because I lost my mother when I was born", said the boy. 

He also offered to pay half of what the player offered, about 500 diamonds but THG NOÉ did not accept and ended up crying during the livestream. "I have a couple more cans here. I will collect them and I can give you about 500 diamonds because you helped me and I want to help you too. You were the nicest person I have ever met in my life. Nobody ever did that for me. I will pray for you every day”.

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THG NOÉ & Gui are now close friends.

After the news has been spread on social networks, an online donation has been created to help Guilherme. So far, more than R $ 18 thousand have been collected, which is around Rs. 2,50,000.