A new month has started and that means one thing: Free Fire new Elite Pass Season 26. In this case, Garena decided that a previous theme would take over the battlefields again and that is Rampage 2.0.

The Free Fire next Elite Pass Season 26 is inspired by the same theme as the one we saw previously in 2019, but it will have some special rewards that can only be achieved by acquiring and leveling up in the Elite Pass.

In addition to the Bundles available from the latest Free Fire new Elite Pass Season 26, you also get many other items, such as clothings, weapons skins, vehicles, and others. There are still many things and items that you will get by buying an Elite Pass and increasing its level.

The new Elite Pass generally provides items found in previous Elite Passes such as tickets, fragments, and so on. But the thing we're going to talk about is the exclusive items available for Elite Pass Season 26 in Free Fire this time.

With these items, your reasons for Free Fire Season 26 Elite Pass Pre Order will increase once more. Having the new items can allow you to expand your inventory and personal collection of your account.

Here we will take a look at all the new skins, outfits, and other items in this new Free Fire Season 26 Elite Pass leaks. They are very cool and almost mandatory to have, which will be made available when you buy the new Elite Pass before it runs out and switches to the new season.

Female Kiss of Ruins Bundle

When you buy this Elite Pass you will get the female bundle that you can use. It is a leather jacket that is mostly black with black and fiery red accents. This bundle you can mix with other clothing items which is pretty cool.

free fire new elite pass season 26

Male Turmoil of Ruins Bundle

Actually, this is not an item from the Free Fire new Elite Pass Season 26, but the Free Pass. Cool-looking and colorful are the reasons you must have this bundle. It is a sleeveless vest-shaped top like a biker, and the color of this vest is also fiery looking.

Bat Skin

free fire new elite pass season 26

Next, you will get a skin for the bat. Although not very popular, at least this skin has an aesthetic that is quite interesting. Using the same theme, namely red and black, this skin is not bad to have.

Monster Truck Skin

Free Fire rarely makes skins for vehicles, but this time you will get a cool monster car skin. A scary black color will provide intimidation that is certainly worthy of the theme of the Season. Definitely one of the skins that you must have.

free fire new elite pass season 26

Surfboard Skin - Catastrophe Sprinter

The next skin is a very cool surfboard one. Black with red and neon red effect is a very beautiful blend. One of the coolest surfboard skins today.

free fire new elite pass season 26

Surfboard Skin - Havoc Dasher

If you think that the previous surfboard skin is cool, then you will be just as happy with this one. This one has a cooler effect with a tense black aura. Besides that, the red flame effect is very eye-catching

Lasso Emote

You will also get an emote called Lasso. This emote is a dance that has a movement like a cowboy. Very silly and funny like in Fortnite, so you definitely want this in your Elite Pass.

free fire new elite pass season 26

Lootbox Skin

Then you will get the new Lootbox skin for free with this Free Fire new Elite Pass Season 26. This Lootbox is not so special, but it looks nice and interesting enough as you open the box and reveal the contents inside.

free fire new elite pass season 26

Parachute Skin

Next, you will get an exclusive parachute from this Free Fire new Elite Pass Season 26. This parachute is very cool because it has a mural of a screaming woman. Red with a black base is a really cool combination.

Free Fire New Elite Pass Season 26

Backpack Skin

The last item which is one of the best items you can have is a backpack from Elite Pass which has 3 levels. This backpack is great because the higher the level of your backpack, the more it will extend downward like a sigil or shield. It is definitely one of the best backpacks that you can get as a collection.

free fire new elite pass season 26

Some of the most interesting novelties include the Punisher Swing, unlocked with 10 medals, and the Apocalyptic Chaos Monster Truck, which earned with 15 medals are two great examples. Survivors will also encounter the Havoc Dasher surfboard at 80 medals and its counterpart Catastrophe Sprinter at 165. The Extreme Survival backpack completes the item list and can be earned with 200 medals.

However, the main features of the Revenge 2.0 Pass are the Kiss of Ruins Bundle suits for female characters and can be obtained with the first 50 medals, and the Turmoil of Ruins Bundle that is unlockable with 225 medals for male characters. They are available as part of the Free Pass, too.

Here's what Garena has to say on social media regarding the latest rewards and earnable items for this Free Fire new Elite Pass Season 26:

Will you stand by the Bringers or their disciples, the Liberi? ✊

Join forces with your alliance and fight for the greater good! Unlock the Rampage Uprising II Elite Pass now and gain access to all that you need in preparation of this battle. 🔥

#Rampage2.0 #5July #FreeFire #IndiaKaBattleRoyale #Booyah

The Elite Pass is now available for just 999 Diamonds in Free Fire and its quests can be completed to earn medals for the next thirty days.

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