Free Fire, like all Battle Royales, is, first of all, a game that is about survival. With dozens of enemies everywhere on the map, it's not easy to come out as the last survivor.

To be able to enter and exit combat without being taken down, alone, or in a group, it is necessary to know how to be stealthy, flank your enemies and not give up your position easily, always surprising your opponents and not the other way around.

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This guide is for those of you who want to improve your stealth skills, avoid unnecessary combat and, using the mechanics of the game, always take on the enemies in advantageous positions for your squad. Stay quiet and don't make a noise as you scroll down to read about this guide:

Free Fire Guide on How to be Stealthy

Speed ​​Makes the Difference

Being stealthy not only means avoiding making noise, but also moving around often, taking advantage of the gaps that both the enemy and the safe zones create. At certain moments in the game, when you accumulate enough experience, it is possible to predict where some enemies and squads will rotate and where your character should go to take advantage of this gap.

free fire stealth complete useful tactical guide

At this point, speed makes the difference and most of the time, a vehicle will help with this immensely. Some characters have more advantages than others when it comes to executing a quick stealthy tactic. Our recommendation here is to use Kelly (including the Swift version), but other characters can also do well if used correctly.

Speed ​​and agility will also help you to get out of unfavorable combat or leave a populated area without getting caught. Don't forget, that playing stealthily while on the flanks has a lot to do with your speed.

In a Group, Communication is Key

If you are going to be the player who can keep quiet in your squad, your role will be to communicate a lot with the rest of the team. You will usually look for enemies first and walk around a bit. Your role is not to shoot as soon as you find someone but to warn the rest of the team so that the teammates reposition themselves while you surprise the enemies by flanking.

In a group, the tactics can vary a lot, where there may be two trying to flank. It will depend on your strategy. In general, squad tactics always require someone to call attention first, with shots or grenades, and the others can then begin flanking. Always remember that enemies can be right next to loot in a nearby city.

Use the Sounds of the Scenery and Enemies

To play stealthily, it is essential to know how to use the sounds of the game to your advantage. Enemies swapping shots, for example, allow steps to be taken without being heard. A quick run at that moment can put you in the right position to catch an enemy off guard.

Free Fire Characters: Who Is The Best Character In Free Fire? free fire stealth complete useful tactical guide

There are several other examples where you will have a gap to move around without being heard. For example: when cars are passing by, the plane flying over the map, noise of gunfire and grenades. Use and abuse these windows of opportunity to flank enemies and get kills.

Create Your Own Path and Surprise Your Opponents

Mastering a Free Fire map requires a lot of work, where you must imagine several possible options. The key then is to dominate regions on each map, places where you feel comfortable doing the loot smoothly and then rotating to a new location.

Garena Free Fire Bermuda Map Review: Tips, Tactics, free fire stealth complete useful tactical guide

In Bermuda, for example, a good route is to drop at Observatory, a place full of loot and some enemies, and then switch to the cemetery. By making a route of this type for several consecutive matches, you will master not only the best loot points but also the best places to surprise your enemies.

With the other stealth tips we've already given here, you'll know exactly how to surprise from the familiar spots in this region, catching enemies unaware. Just remember to do your homework at the time of the switch, and avoid making noise and using the surroundings to not be too exposed.

Another thing that you should take into account when making decisions is safety. It will not always be favorable or even possible to use your familiar route. Have some Plan B or even C to be able to adapt when things get ugly for your situation.

Master Time Management and Adapt

Being in control of your own time is essential to play stealthily on Free Fire. Whoever just runs around, always needs to use a vehicle to move or spends too much time looting, ends up being the prey and not the hunter.

Try to have a time goal to loot at the beginning of the game. Leave some time to hunt down opponents in the area and know when to start running for the next safe point without being exposed. Getting to a safe area first means that you will have the advantage of clear vision and can hide in some spot or building with clear vision vis-a-vis the enemies.

When in a squad, this coordination of time is even more important. The ideal is to have someone responsible for making the calls and then execute the tactics in a coordinated manner. Whenever an unforeseen event arises, such as a safe point too far away, adapt as best as possible, without acting stupidly.

Final tips

  • Having a weapon to fight up close is essential for anyone who wants to play stealthily. A shotgun or submachine gun makes all the difference.
  • Being a camper is not always shameful. In final zones, arriving first and remaining stealthy in those places can guarantee victory.
  • Don't waste too much time looting enemies. Be conscious of what you want to improve your equipment, get it quickly, and get out, preferably without making a lot of noise.

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