Free Fire is a game within the Battle Royale genre that is different and stands out from others. This is because of the variety of characters and their different skill sets you can choose from to play in any match.

Every Free Fire character has abilities that them unique and interesting. However, you cannot use all the characters for every situation, because not every ability of these characters is useful in the game if you have a certain playstyle, or are playing a certain event.

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This is why there are characters that you must have, especially when playing Ranked games because of the highly useful and effective skills they have. Wondering what these characters are? Let's take a look at them just below:

5 Best Free Fire Characters for Pushing Rank in Season 16


Having become even more dangerous and useful than DJ Alok, Wolfrahh is an extremely powerful character for you to push Rank in Season 16. The ability of this character is very strong, which allows him to deal massive damage to the enemy if the shots were directed at the body.

Garena Free Fire Rank Season 16 Best Characters

In addition, his ability also allows him to reduce the damage received from headshots. Not only for eliminating players to push Rank, Wolfrahh is generally effective when used in most matches.

DJ Alok

DJ Alok is a character with the type of support you must have because his Drop The Beat ability is very useful in matches. Drop The Beat can add to your Movement Speed ​​as well as increase your HP within a certain area.

Pin by Ayush Technical on Fire image in 2020 | Free Fire Rank Season 16 Best Characters

Not only as a support, but DJ Alok is also very good if positioned as a Rusher type character because the buff from his Drop The Beat makes Alok more agile and stronger in making moves.

Awakened Kelly 'The Swift'

Awakened Kelly is the best Rusher type in Free Fire. Kelly's Awakening ability can add damage to the first attack to the enemy, not only that, but she can also add to your Movement Speed ​​which makes you more agile.

Kelly The Swift Free Fire Rank Season 16 Best Characters

Thanks to this ability, Awakened Kelly is also suitable to be used as a Flanker, she is able to approach enemies either from the right and left sides quickly, and can kill enemies easily. When using Kelly, the playstyle that must be adhered to is shooting, followed by running, then firing again so that the skill and damage incurred can be maximized.


Moco is a very good character for any mode: solo, duo, and squad. The ability of this character allows enemies affected by the attack to be marked up to 5 seconds and can be seen by teammates. This makes Moco very important in the team because, with her skill, it is easy to find enemies who are hiding.

Free Fire Rank Season 16 Best Characters

Moco will be very useful if deployed with long-range type weapons such as sniper rifles, so that from a distance, Moco can monitor and mark enemies that can later be killed by a teammate or Moco herself.


Laura is a suitable character for those of you who have troubles with shooting accuracy since Laura can add 30% accuracy to your weapons when using a scope.

Laura Garena Free Fire Wallpapers - Free Fire Rank Season 16 Best Characters

Laura's abilities make all the weapons in Free Fire overpowered because of their high accuracy, especially when she uses AWM, or M28B, which can cause great damage. Therefore Laura would be very suitable if positioned as a Sniper.

And these were the 5 most effective characters in Free Fire that can help you push rank quickly this season. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at