The much anticipated Snyder Cut of the Justice League movie just came out recently. So today, we are going to talk about the most powerful DC characters in that universe. Those whose indices of power practically border on divinity, if not exactly it.

On the other hand, we'd like to tell you in advance that we have reserved an eleventh place, a Bonus spot for the last character. The inclusion of this character wouldn't be a surprise for many of you. This character is the most powerful DC character among others in his own special way.

By the way, once again we have to warn you that this is NOT a list of most powerful DC characters RANKED. They are not ordered according to their degree of power. The reason? Basically it depends a lot on the screenwriter or the editors "who is better than whom" on most occasions. Which is why we'd like to avoid a debate about "who is stronger".

And if we want to debate, there are so many options other than just 10 you can put on this list. We won't have Eclipso, the Enchantress, Parallax, Orion or Zeus for example. Regardless, here's our list of the top 10 most powerful DC characters:

Most Powerful DC Characters (1/5)


Krypton's last son is definitely one of the most powerful beings in the known universe, thanks to solar radiation and how it affects his Kryptonian metabolism. Remember that the red sun turns Superman into little more than a regular human, but other types of radiation can endow Kryptonians with amazing powers.

most powerful dc characters

The best-known effects are known to us by our own sun, which are what provide all of Superman's amazing abilities. No wonder, therefore, that Superman is also the greatest superhero of all time.

The Spectre

The Spectre is basically a manifestation of God himself through one of his angels. It represents the aspect of Vengeance and is practically unstoppable, with some exceptions in which, as we have mentioned above, the "script" required that it be less invulnerable.

most powerful dc characters

Most Powerful DC Characters (2/5)


The great villain, tyrant of worlds, and ruler of Apokolips. As a dark divine from outer space, Darkseid is practically invincible. Not even the entire Justice League as a whole can stop him, and if anything in their confrontations they have only managed to delay and hinder him.

Darkseid Most Powerful DC Characters Top 10 List

Only, and on rare occasions, has he been successfully eliminated "permanently". A pity that we have not yet seen the Justice League the Snyder Cut to see his film adaptation properly.

The Presence

Literally, GOD. On some occasions, it has materialized as a harmless and anonymous dog, other times (as in the Lucifer comics) as an older man with a bowler hat. It is not a good or bad entity, but solely responsible for the creation of the Multiverse. Sometimes it is associated with the Judeo-Christian god, this being its regular form of representation.

most powerful dc characters

Most Powerful DC Characters (3/5)

Wonder Woman

The Amazonian Wonder Woman, according to some writers, directly rivals Superman, being one of the few Earthlings with the physical ability to subjugate the Man of Steel. Something like this has been seen in Year 4 of the Injustice comics.

It has also been hinted at in other stories that due to this equivalence in strength and power, Princess Diana is one of the few women that Superman could be intimate with. It goes without saying that depending on the comic version, she is the daughter of Zeus or of Hercules himself, as Wonder Woman: Earth One already showed us.

Lucifer Morningstar

If The Spectre is powerful, imagine how the second most powerful being in creation can be, just behind God. Lucifer, who was born in the pages of Sandman (in Vertigo, DC's adult line) as at first a mere secondary character, before becoming the protagonist of his own controversial collection.

Lucifer Morningstar

The Lucifer from the FTV version on Fox (now Netflix) doesn't have much to do with the original character, but both of them are still pretty cool.

Most Powerful DC Characters (4/5)

The Endless

Created by Neil Gaiman, this group known as the Endless represents different aspects of existence: Destiny, Death, Dream, Desire, Despair, Delirium (previously known as Delight), and Destruction. And they should not be confused with the similarly named "The Eternals" from Marvel.

Most Powerful DC Characters Top 10 List

Mr. Mxyzptlk

Mr. Mxyzptlk is an elf of the Fifth Dimension, created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster (parents of Superman). He is one of the usual antagonists of the Man of Steel. He is not intrinsically evil, at least not in his classic versions, but rather a prankster and liar, who enjoys leading the Man of Steel astray.

most powerful dc characters

His powers allow him a certain level of omniscience, in addition to the ability to alter reality.

Most Powerful DC Characters (5/5)


We could compare him to the Marvel "Galactus", except that this creature is not dedicated to devouring and destroying the universe out of a need for nutrition, but out of desire. It's not for nothing that he is the embodiment of antimatter or dark matter, just as he is also the personification of the purest evil.

Crisis on Infinite Earths'

He was the main villain of Crisis on Infinite Earths, something that we have seen in the television version of the event that took place in the Arrowverse, and was a key piece at the end of the New DC Universe, which led to the events of Rebirth.


Doomsday deserves to be on this list, although since he eliminated the Man of Steel in "The Death of Superman", he has not survived for long.

Most Powerful DC Characters Top 10 List

His ability to automatically adapt and strengthen in the face of any contingency or threat, in addition to his power to automatically regenerate virtually any wound, make him one of the toughest and most powerful beings in the history of DC.

Bonus character: Batman

As we have said before, the last member of our list goes with a bit of cynicism and a bit of fun. Batman has become the most profitable and overexploited character in DC, being able to face Darkseid himself (despite the fact that Bruce Wayne is more or less a plain human).

most powerful dc characters

The fact that Batman has not already brought the Justice League and the rest of the DC Universe to their knees may be restraint borne out of common sense on the part of the writers and editors. Among the gadgets, storylines, and excessive weight he receives, sometimes it seems that the entire DC Universe revolves around the Dark Knight.

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