Weapons, characters, and play styles will be the trio that determines your victory in Free Fire. Weapons in particular can be very important because with the right weapons you will have significant advantages compared with using powerful weapons that are not suitable for your situation.

By using the right aggressive weapons, you will have very useful advantages. There is no way you will use the AWM at close range and be aggressive because of the wrong weapon choice. Therefore, by using the right weapons for the right situations you can get very far-reaching benefits.

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Here we will provide some Free Fire weapons that are very powerful if used by aggressive players. If you play similarly to aggressive rushers, they can be very dangerous in the hands of players like you. Without further ado, here are 5 suitable weapons for rushers:

Top 5 Free Fire Weapons Suitable for Aggressive Gameplay and Rushers


MP40 is probably the best weapon for those of you who want to play rushing. This weapon is equipped with the highest DPS in the game thanks to high damage and unreasonably high RoF that almost reaches the highest number possible.

GamingMonk : top 5 free fire weapons for aggressive rushers

This weapon can fire a lot of bullets in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, the weakness of this weapon lies in its poor bullet capacity.


Thompson is a SMG that can be considered as a counter to the MP40. While not having a DPS as high as the MP40 which has a RoF that doesn't make sense, at least the Thompson has a very high bullet capacity.

top 5 free fire weapons for aggressive rushers

This weapon can be the best choice for those of you who aren't comfortable using the MP40 with not enough bullets. Thompson is a SMG with consistent damage.


SPAS can be the next best aggressive weapon for those of you who have excellent aim. If SMG weapons are very strong at close range thanks to their high RoF, the shotgun if used properly is more deadly.

Free Fire: top 5 free fire weapons for aggressive rushers

If you have very good aim, you only need one bullet from the SPAS to kill your opponent. One bullet is enough to aim and get a one-shot headshot.


The M1887 is one of the best shotguns in Free Fire because the bullets from this gun are pretty sizable. Compared to other shotguns, M1887 has higher damage and more deadly range. But this weapon which has a capacity of only two bullets is often a negative factor that is very hard to overlook. You only have two chances to kill one opponent.

FREE FIRE] M1887 top 5 free fire weapons for aggressive rushers


SCAR is one of the best weapons very effective for playing aggressively. The reason is quite simple, it's because SCAR has very excellent stats. Besides being very consistent, the SCAR has complete attachment slots and can be used according to your needs. When compared to other ARs such as FAMAS and M4A1, SCAR has the advantage in terms of DPS.

top 5 free fire weapons for aggressive rushers | Firepubg

And these are the best weapons for aggressive rusher play style on Free Fire. These weapons are very powerful, effective as well as consistent. For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at GuruGamer.com.