Recently, there are rumors that are being widely discussed on social media that Garena has invited Sony as the PlayStation 5 (PS5) console developer to include Free Fire on their upcoming next-gen console.

Free Fire PS5 release Garena Sony

The PS5 will be one of the most powerful gaming consoles ever seen, so Free Fire would look absolutely amazing if it's available on it. Well, is it true? Let's find out about it here!

What's the Connection Between Free Fire and the PS5?

After all the news and info about the PlayStation 5 were released, some are thinking Free Fire could be released for Sony's next-gen console. This comes across as rather surprising for the gaming community as a whole because Free Fire has been strictly made for mobile devices.

Although many people play Garena's Battle Royale on the PC, to be able to do that, they need to use various emulators.

The PS5 was revealed last Thursday, May 11, and has a design that caught the entire Internet by surprise. The console is monochromatic and predominantly white, which is exactly what surprised the community. In addition, the PlayStation 5 has a more curved design, quite different from the PS4.

Will Free Fire be Released for PS5?

In the past few days, rumors have been circulating about the arrival of Garena's Battle Royale on PS5 on the internet. On the one hand, many people would be eager to play this Battle Royale game on Sony's new console, but on the other hand, many say the game would not be suitable for playing on a console.

Free Fire Max Free Fire PS5 release Garena Sony

It is worth remembering that neither Garena nor Sony spoke on the subject at any time.

In addition, another unverified rumor that is circulating the internet is that Sony has apparently rejected Garena's initiative to launch Free Fire for the PS5, but none of the companies has released any information about it.

PS5 release date: Free Fire PS5 release Garena Sony

The circulation of this news made the FF gaming community hyped and excited. Many enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of Free Fire on PS5, many also thought that the game was not suitable to be played on the PlayStation 5.

In fact, neither Garena nor Sony has ever issued a statement of the existence of this collaboration. In fact, when searched, no actual news site has reported on anything like the rumors were talking about.

That said, we can say, at least until now, that the information about Free Fire being released for the PS5 is false! For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at