After the latest Free Fire update, we now have a weapon that is a match for the AWM bolt action sniper rifle. Until now, the AWM in Free Fire has no match, and the bolt action weapons on FF are only AWM and Kar98k which are not comparable.

But now in Free Fire, there is a new choice in the form of the M82B anti-materiel rifle, so you will now have options as a player who likes to shoot from as far away as possible. This time we will discuss the M82B vs AWM and information you must know in order to go for the best FF sniper.

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Until now, AWM has always been the king of long-range weapons with its iconic use, namely the one-shot kill. But this time the M82B will be competing to become Free Fire's strongest weapon as a rival very powerful sniper rifle.

M82B Vs AWM: Which is the Best Free Fire Sniper Rifle?

The M82B sniper rifle is still new in the game, but with the special ability and stats it has, it is quite a deadly weapon. In the future, the Free Fire M82B would most likely continue to be the weapon of choice for many players who like to be at a distance.


Regarding the new rifle's stats, there are some that exceed the ability of AWM for now, especially the minimum damage of the weapon. For the AWM, the minimum damage is 110 or 115. But for M82B, the minimum damage exceeds 120 points.

For the shooting range of this weapon, it is somewhat less impressive than the current AWM. The AWM has a range of 91 points, while the range of the M82B is only 85 Points.

M82B Vs AWM: The M82B is More Dangerous Than the AWM

The accuracy of the two weapons is the same, there is no comparison and both are equally deadly. The high level of accuracy is useful for all players, so they may be able to compete and attack enemies easily from a distance.


The M82B Free Fire has 8 bullets, so naturally, AWM is outperformed when it comes to magazine capacity. Even for reload speed, ​​these two weapons are different too, with the AWM having just 34 points and M82B having 41 points, more than the AWM.

But the real unique difference between the two is the M82B's Armor Penetration ability which is much more superior to the current AWM bolt action rifle. Regarding armor penetration alone, it turns out that the AWM does not have any, as in 0 points.

The unique ability of the M82B is really outstanding, where each bullet will penetrate any strong Gloo Wall. Any enemies who use the Gloo Wall to hide behind will still be hit by the Free Fire M82B for 80% of the damage.

With only a few drawbacks and major advantages, the M82B might be the newest King of Sniper Rifles in Free Fire. In Classic mode, this weapon has now been used by many people and you can also try it too.

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