(image credit: Boyah Gaming) After the latest June 2020 update was released, you probably already know that Free Fire has made its latest M82B sniper rifle officially available on the live server. This weapon has really changed the way FF is played, which first premiered on Advance Server last May, mainly because of its unique ability to destroy the opponent's Gloo Wall.

If you are someone who wants to be good at using M82B on Free Fire and get more Booyahs with this new sniper rifle, here are 4 useful tips that can help you in a match:

1. Use Free Fire Moco Skill

Make sure you or some of your friends use this Hacker’s Eye skill that Moco has. Moco's skill will be very useful alongside the M82B, because you can mark enemies and know where they are hiding behind the Gloo Wall

A nova atualização do free Fire NOVA Personagem MOCO hacker m82b sniper rifle tips

2. Have Good Weapons Distribution in a Squad

Don't let too many of your teammates use the M82B, because it is very inefficient. Keep in mind the M82B is a long-range weapon, so it's more effective if 1-2 people are tasked to carry this rifle and target the enemy Gloo Wall.

3. Don't Forget Your Secondary Weapon

If you decided to carry the M82B, be sure to have a secondary weapon suitable for close to medium-range, such as the MP5 and the UMP. This should compensate your M82B if you have to deal with enemies who attack from close or medium-range.

Free Fire Smgs
Free Fire SMGs

If you insist on using the M82B in that situation or other long-range weapons such as the AWM, you will find it more difficult to come out on top.

4. Don't Be at the Front and Find the Best Spot

When you carry the M82B, position yourself so that you are behind your teammates. Remember, when you are using M82B, it means your position is as a support, not an attacker or rusher who needs to be in front. Look for strategic places to shoot from such as higher grounds, towers, or tall buildings. Proper sniper spots will maximize your role as a support and sniper.

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For supporting players, the introduction of the M82B is a breath of fresh air. Its ability to destroy Gloo Walls effectively provides an additional layer of tactics that makes squad strategies even more deadly! For more gaming news, updates, and articles, check out our website at GuruGamer.com.


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